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Zhi Shu and his unlucky wife Xiang Qin story continues... back into their crazy yet romantic love story, from a secret letter given by a class F student Yuan Xiang Qin to the most popular, handsome, genius class A and Taiwan's well known student Jiang Zhi Shu... to her undefeated determination to conquer Zhi Shu's heart and ended up living w/ him, w/ a young brother who's also like Zhi Shu, to a perfect miracle of Zhi Shu's acceptance to be her as his girlfriend and ended up to a crazy weird wedding.. To their misfortune honeymoon in Guam. Failing the educational exam up to her determination to be a nurse to help Zhi Shu, until she discover about her illness but Xiang Qin never gave up coz she wanted to stay w/ Zhi Shu forever.

Major Cast:

Ariel Lin as Yuan Xiang Qin ( Jeanie Yuan)
Joe Cheng as Jiang Zhi Shu ( Michael Jiang)
Jiro Wang as Ah Jin (Richie)
Cyndi Chaw as Mrs. Jiang (Daisy/ mama Jiang)
Zhang Yong Zheng (papa Jiang)
Cong Yang as Jiang Yu Shu ( Jun-Jun)
Arron Yan as Ah Bu (Wilson)
Petty Yang as Chun Mei (Cherry)
Danson Tang as Ouyang Gan/ Gan Gan (Jan-Jan)
Ceng Shao Zong as Qi Tai ( Terrence)
Jiang Pei Zhen as Ni Na ( Nina)
Xiu Jie Kai as Zhou Chuan Jin ( Reggie)
Cai Yi Zhen as Luo Zhi Yi (Vicki)
Tiffany Xu as Pei Zi Yu (Audrey)
Larisa as Christine (Cristine)
Meng Geng Ru as Hao Mei ( Hannah)
Tang Tsung Sheng as Yuan You Cai (Ah Cai jeanie`s papa)
Special participation of:
Wu zhun as Dr. Wu/ Chun
Ella Chen as herself
Calvin Chen as Gian Chen
Genie Zhou as Michelle Wei
Angela Zhang as herself.



One Morning at Jiang Family house:

Xiang Qin: Zhi Shu!.. I think I might not be able to work now!!
Zhi Shu: Why? what's wrong, why can't you go to work?
Xiang Qin: Coz I'm not feeling well, I really feel heavy right know! yesterday I scolded my patient and also our chief nurse!(feeling dizzy)
Zhi Shu: Hmpf!! what else do you feel?
Xiang Qin: Well.. that's all I'm not really feeling well and I feel heavy... oh yeh I also feel dizzy!
Zhi Shu: Well in that case you should take some rest from now
(kiss her on the lips) I'll be going now ok!

Living Area:

Zhi Shu: Ma! I'm leaving now!
Mama: Ei ei.. Ge ge aren't you going to wait for your wife.. Xiang Qin!! Ge ge is leaving hurry up!! Xiang Qin... Xiang..
Zhi Shu: Ma don't waste your voice on her ok! she is not going to work today coz she is not feeling well.
Mama: Why? did she ate something or!!??
Zhi Shu: Well how about you observe her if anything unsual happens to what Xiang Qin normally does don't hesitate to call me ok!
Mama: Why? mama must know?
Zhi Shu: Ok! Yuan Xiang Qin shows some signs that only a pregnant woman does, like loosing her temper, feeling heavy, and dizziness...
Zhi Shu: Ma! it's not even confirmed yet.. I'll settle an appointment w/ our school OB-Gyne to check if she is positive or negative, besides if I'm correct she had a period at that time! ok take care of her bye!!
Mama: I I Dr. Jiang Zhi Shu Sir!!(smile)
Zhi Shu: Whatever bye!!

So Xiang Qin shows some signs that pregnant woman only have I wonder???


Zhi Shu's parents hasn't see any improvement if Xiang Qin is preggy or not.. until they notice that this days she doesn't like to talk to her husband, she also won't allow Zhi Shu to sleep w/ her on the bed, her appetite changes on that particular day she only likes noddles and beef curd, later she ates alot of sweets particularly cakes, ice cream, white chocolate, during the days also she also ate's only fresh vegetables and fruits to their surprise the most food she only ate is fresh turnips and white radish. and also she has interested in reading Zhi Shu's Medical book so as Yu Shu's books, she even tought Yu Shu's girlfriend Hao Mei her homeworks, but the most common sign of a pregnant woman was not seen yet. Until...
Mama: Xiang Qin.. I brought your... AAAHHH!!! (thrown up the sliced radish) Ei mei mei!! what's wrong??
Xiang Qin: Mama..(vomit) my tummy hurts(vomit again) I think I have a gastrict pain(vomit)...
Papa: What's w/ all the shouting... MAMA.. WHAT'S WRONG W/ HER?
Yu Shu: Ma.. what's wrong? Xiang Qin... Ma what happent to her?
Xiang Qin: Mama...(crying) It hurts already AAAHHH!!!
Mama: AAHHH!!! Yu Shu!! hurry carry your Sao Sao now... Xiang Qing bear w/ Mama for a moment will go to the hospital.. PAPA IS THE CAR READY?(shouting at the window)
Papa: YES LET'S GO NOW HURRY!!!(shouting)
At The Hospital:
Mama: Nurse!! this is an emergency!!(worried and nervous)
Xiang Qin: MAMA!!!
Senior Nurse: Kindly fill up this form now!
Senior Nurse: But you have to fill this up first Sir!
Gan Gan: Nurse I... Auntie?? what's wrong here... Xiang Qin??,hurry get me a stretcher...(Gan Gan saw Qi Tai and called up) Qi Tai is Dr. Jiang available?
Qi Tai: No! he got an urgent operation what's the emergency... Xiang Qin?? Dr. Lu is available I'll take her accompany her family ok!
Gan Gan: Sure!
After 30 mins:
Gan Gan: Mrs. Jiang just rela... Qi Tai! how is Xiang Qin?
Qi Tai: Well Dr. Lu just sent her to Dr. Xu to examine
Papa: Dr. Xu?? examine??
Qi Tai: Dr. Xu is our female OB-gyne, you don't need to worry come I'll take you to her office at the 3rd floor, let's go!
Yu Shu: Hao Mei!! what are you doing here?
Hao Mei: Jie jie told me that Xiang Qin Jie was rushed here I was so worried so I come here!
Yu Shu: Good we will go to her come w/ us!
Hao Mei: Ok!
At the 3rd floor, they saw Zhi Shu waiting outside Dr. Xu's office..
Mama: Ge.. Ge ge...(hugs her son) Ge ge.. Xiang Qin is...(crying)
Zhi Shu: Ah yoh! Mama stop crying everything will be ok! I'm here now so nothing to worry now! Qi Tai Gan Gan thanks for accompanying my family!
QT/GG: To problem Dr. Jiang it's our job!
30 mins later:
Dr. Xu: Oh! you are all here.. Nice to see you Dr. Jiang, Qi Tai told me that the patient is your wife anf also a nurse here!
Zhi Shu: How is my wife Dr. Xu?
Dr. Xu: well your wife and your baby is alright, they are both healthy and...
Zhi Shu: What baby..???
Dr. Xu: why you don't know that Xiang Qin is 3 months pregnant!
Family/Zhi Shu/QT/GG: NO!!!!(shocked)
Dr. Xu: Well they are in good condition now.. anyway congratulations Dr. Jiang your almost 2 yrs married now your going to be a father... gong xi!!! you can visit her now at room 205
Mama: Ge ge!!! Xiang Qin is preggy!!! I'm going to be a beautiful grandmom!!!
YS/HM: Gong Xi!! Zhi Shu ge
Zhi Shu: Shall we all go to see her!
At room 205
Xiang Qin was sleeping then felt a gentle carress on her tummy and a kiss from her forhead.. then she woke up!
Xiang Qin: Urh!!...Mama...Papa... Yu Shu... Hao Mei... Huh!! wha... Zhi... Zhi Shu(surprise) What all of you doing here?(trying to stand up)
Mama: Ei mei mei careful don't wanna lose me grand baby!!
Zhi Shu: Yes you are preggy!
Hao Mei: Xiang Qin Jie! gong xi!!!
Mama: Yu Shu better hurry up w/ Hao Mei I'm expecting also a grandchild w/ you two hmpf!
Yu Shu: Ma ah yoh!!! we are only in secondary level ok!
Zhi Shi:(gave Yu Shu the leave us alone look)
Yu Shu: Ma let's go back home I'm hungry!
Mama: Oh I almost forgot, Xiang Qin I'll bring you food tomorrow ok!
Zhi Shu: I'll take her home tomorrow, coz I won't allow her to stay here she and the baby might get infected here so better not come here tomorrow ok!
Papa: Eh! mama who was left in the house?
Mama: Little cutie...
YS/Papa: LITTLE CUTIE!!! (imagined the disaster if the dog is hungry)
Yu Shu: Why did you left little cutie alone...
Mama: Sorry.. ok let's go Zhi Shu Xiang Qin mama is leaving bye!!
ZS/XQ: Bye!!(smiled)
Xiang Qin: Oh yeah! aren't you going for work now?
Zhi Shu: It's ok.. It's my vacant hour, so I'll accompany you and our little unborn angel their(touching her tummy)
Xiang Qin: Zhi Shu! what shall we named to the baby?
Zhi Shu: what you have in mind?
Xiang Qin: well if it is a boy I like to name it after you, and if it is a girl I like to name her Sophie!
Zhi Shu: weather it is a boy or a girl it doesn't bother me at all as long as that angel of ours will be the most happy child that's fine w/ me right now you should take a rest ok!(kiss her on the forehead)
Xiang Qin: I love you!!
Zhi Shu: I love you too.. thanks for giving me that angel you carried now!9gave her a passionate kiss)
Days and months have Xiang Qin's tummy grow big.. her normal work 24/7 was change to 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, she also had treatment so that she and her baby will not get infected, Zhi Shu is her helper.. she and him are like the most perfect husband and wife she could ever imagine as she cant wait for the baby to come out now she is on the 6 months of pregnancy.
One Saturday Morning..
:Excuse me can I know where can I find Jiang Family house?
:Oh that house is the Jiang family house!
:Oh Thank you!!
:Mommy are we there now? I'm hungry!
:Yes sweetie we are here now!
Knock knock!!
Xiang Qin: Coming!!..(opening the door) yes who is...AAAHHHH....
Mama: Xiang Qin!! what's wrong why are you...
Xiang Qin: Mama... she is here!
Mama: Who is here?
Xiang Qin: Her... she is my cozin from states! her name is Ella Chen!
Mama: States!! oh Hello come come inside... ei who is this cute little boy?(saw a little chubby boy hiding to Ella's back) Ei Xiang Qin look!!
Xiang Qin: Wow hao ke ai you!! what's your name?
Ella: go on introduce your self!
: I'm Chunnie I'm doin to bef thwee(3) yrs oyld, Mama said that I'm doin to be a big boy now!(cute smile)
Mama: AAAHHH so cute and you are a big boy now!!
Chunnie: Mommy I'm hungry now!
M/XQ: MOMMY!!!!(shock)

Later during lunch time..

Xiang Qin: WHAT YOUR ONLY 20 WHEN YOU GOT PREGNANT ELLA!!! THAT MEANS YOUR ONLY 23... COUSIN YOUR VERY YOUNG!! ok who is that bastard, who is he I'll give him a straight punch!!
Ella: Look who's talking right know, your married at 21 but still hasn't finished study, tell you at the age of 20 I already got my diploma of bachelor's degree major in Culinary Arts!
Mama: wow! that's amazing your only 20 when you got your diploma and got preggy... did you finished it coz I know culinary course is also 4 yrs in making!
Ella: I only finished it w/in 2 yrs only got accelarated and 1 yrs experienced in cruise ship in Italy at the age of 19 then I was given a chance to cooked in Paris but I refused coz I'm already going to gave birth to Chunnie at the age of 20
Mama: may I know your IQ if you don't mind?
Ella: 180!
Xiang Qin: Hah!!just only 20 gap to my Zhi Shu's IQ level
Ella: Zhi Shu!!! Jiang Zhi Shu!! that genius handsome guy is your hubby?!
Xiang Qin: Yup! he is my hubby!why?
Ella: what a pity guy!!
Xiang Qin: What did you say!!
Ella: Nothing!!
Chunnie: Mommy! I'm already done!
Ella: Wow did you like it?
Chunnie: Yes!! granny cooks so good just like mommy does!!
Mama: I'll cook everyday for you!

So Ella got 180 IQ that's amazing 20 gaps from Zhi Shu's 200 IQ


Mama Jiang and Xiang Qin accompanied Ella and her cute son to tour the house, while touring the house Chunnie saw little cutie and his puppies and he played w/ them, little cutie doesn't mind about Chunnie coz he is Xiang Qin's nephew.
Chunnie: Mommy look puppies!!!
Ella: Oh! ok you play w/ them but don't ruined anything here ok!
Chunnie: Ok!
Xiang Qin: your Chunnie is really cute and well behave! ei where did you gave birth here or in States?
Ella: States, so Chunnie's 2yrs of his life was spend in states!
Xiang Qin: Do you talk to him in chinese or in english?
Ella: Mostly in english but I also try to talk to him in chinese and taught him about my culture here and always remind him that even though he is an American citizen me and his daddy is still full blooded chinese.. as I can see adopted both western and southern culture.
Xiang Qin: speaking of his father where is he, why only you and Chunnie here hmpf?
Ella: Father!!! (POV) Oh no! how would I tell her that me and Chunnie's father already got separated when I knew that I'm pregnant w/ Chunnie... and we are not yet legally married so Chunnie uses my surename.. what should I do??
Xiang Qin: Ella... CHEN JIA HUA are you ok!
Ella: Oh I'm fine.. about his father well... urh... he is out of town I mean country... got so much business..
Xiang Qin: why is Chunnie uses your surename, don't tell me his father's surename is also Chen!
Ella: Oh! ahahahahahaha!! what a coincidence yes his father's surename is also "Chen" so his name is Chunnie Chen Chen hehehehehehehe!!
Xiang Qin: Your acting really weird Ella... really weird
Knock knock!!
Ella: I'll get it...(opened the door)
Zhi Shu: Who are you?
Xiang Qin: Ella who is that... Zhi Shu...(just about to run to hug Zhi Shu)
Zhi Shu: Don't run your already 6 months preggy!! I'll hug you as always!(hugs his preggy wife) hey who is this?
Ella: you must be Zhi Shu right! I'm Ella Chen nice to meet you!
Chunnie: Mommy, mommy...(running then suddenly slipped on the floor) wwwaaahhh!!
Ella: Chunnie!!(runs to her son) don't cry, where do it hurts, don't cry hush now!
Chunnie: Mommy my tummy hurts!
Xiang Qin: your tummy hurts...
Chunnie: I'm hungry!
Zhi Shu: hahahahahhahaha!!! is he your child?
Ella: Yes! he's my child!
Later that night, Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin's moment.
Xiang Qin: Zhi Shu! Ella has Chunnie now she is so lucky and so happy coz she is now a mother who had a very adorable child.. ah I can't wait for our baby to come out!
Zhi Shu: I'm sure our baby will be as much as adorable as Chunnie, oh before I forgot who is his father anyway?
Xiang Qin: I don't know! Ella is so secretive talking about her child's father, well maybe if Chunnie's father is also as adorable as him, and also rich and handsome like you coz Chunnie is a very handsome little boy...
Zhi Shu: Probably.. well enough of it let's go to sleep ok! (kiss her on the lips and caress the baby) baby do you hear daddy let mommy take a rest now so as you ok! daddy will take good care of you two ok!
Ella's moment she is thinking about her husband(not legally)
Ella's thoughts:
Are you thinking of me right now, coz I always think of you.. I cannot get you off my mind, your face, your smile, your warm embrace, your passionate lips, your serious but gentle eyes just like our son Chunnie, he is going to be 3 yrs old and you know he is absolutly just like you, even have the same attidude and the same big appetite(tears suddenly rolled to her smooth face)... are you happy know me half of my life was wanting to see you again till I gave birth to our son all I wish is for him to meet you but how.. Chun..(crying) I really need you now!!
Chunnie:Mommy why you crying?
Ella: Chunnie! oh mommy is just missing daddy that's all come let's go to sleep ok!

So Ella still loves the father of her child, but what was the real reason why did Chun and Ella got separated?
See you in next Chapter!!!


It was the first day of Ella working at Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin's university hospital, to Xiang Qin's surprise she didn't expect to see her cozin working as a new nurse...
Xiang Qin: Wei!! didn't you just finished the course of culinary arts why on earth are you dressing up like that?
Ella: Of course I apply here to get a job! besides nursing is in demand Zhi Shu said w/ the kind of IQ I have I can easily get a job here and abroad!
Xiang Qin: So your applying for a nurse?
Ella: Not just a nurse! well I'm right now an intern for assitant chief nurse...
Xiang Qin: Asst. Chief Nurse!!!(surprised).. how on earth... wha!!!
Ella: well... The chief nurse gave me some basic training like you did, w/ the help of Zhi Shu's given techniques to me I passed it w/in 30 mins and said that they will let me have a practise for intern asstitant chief nurse.
Xiang Qin: Wow!! you are really amazing cozin... I was really doubting are you really my cozin... if you are w/c side!!! anyway good luck on your intern practise!
Ella: You too!! nurse II Yuan Xiang Qin(smile)see yah!!
Xiang QinPOV: Wow!! my cozin is really amazing just like my laogong!! but my laogong is the greatest hihihihihi!!
Gan Gan: Ei Xiang Qin, how is it going...wwwhhoohh your tummy is big now!
Xiang Qin: Yup! I'm already 6 months preggy!! 3 more months I'm going to gave birth!!
Ni Na: Xiang Qin Dr. Xu called me up to tell you that you have an apointment w/ her!
Xiang Qin: Oh yeh I alsomst forgot can you accompany me Zhi Shu can't coz he got an urgent operation again
NN/GG: We'd love too just calling Qi Tai and Zhi Yi to see how's the baby of yours going!!
Xiang Qin: Ok!!
Dr. Jiang just finished his operation and just about to go to his office when he heard some rumors from the senior nurses and some intern nurse and patient at the hallway that their is a new hired doctor in their hospital the doctor is a pediatrician for little boys and he is so hansome like Dr. Jiang, got a broader shoulder and a very gentle but serious eyes, they also said that this doctor as a same level of IQ as Dr. Jiang... when Zhi Shu was heading to he's office he saw the senior nurses w/ their patients sneeking somewhere next to his office when he saw a very familiar figure he long to see it from the past...
Zhi Shu: all of you go back to your prespective places now!!
Senior Nurses: sorry doctor Jiang!!
: Zhi Shu!!!
Zhi Shu: Chun!! Wu zhun!!!
Chun: It is you!!(gave a brotherly hug)
Zhi Shu: since when did you arrive?
Chun: Today! wow Dr. Jiang Zhi Shu.. you never change!
Zhi Shu: So as you.. Dr. Wu!! hahahahaha!!
Chun: Hey I visited Wang Bo and said that your already married w/ a not so intelligent woman!
Zhi Shu: basically stupid to preffered but very hardworking to tell you I'm going to be a father now!
Chun: really that's good!
Zhi Shu: Hey haven't heard about you along time, the only thing I remembered is you are going to get married to Angela Zhang!
Chun: I didn't marry her ok! coz I wanted to be a doctor!
Zhi Shu: oh yeh! before Angela didn't you told me that your still in love w/ your first love? where is she now do you still have a contact w/ her?
Chun: actually 3 yrs have past I didn't see her and yes I really love her dearly can't forget about her so much just someday hope to see her!
Zhi Shu: come on I'll introduce you to my wife!
Chun: Ok!

after 30 mins..

Xiang Qin: Zhi Shu... ei!! aren't you the new doctor in the house... wow the rumors are true your as handsome as my Zhi Shu!!
Chun: I suppose you are Yuan Xiang Qin!
Xiang Qin: Wow you.... ah yoh!!!
Chun: Your wife is cute!
Zhi Shu:(smile) and abit childish!!
Xiang Qin: Ei!! don't be so mean to your preggy wife!!
Zhi Shu: I'm sorry dear!!
Ella: Zhi Yi can you help me out w/ the patient at 101 room..
Gan Gan: Ei! who are you to order Zhi Yi...
Zhi Yi: Gan Gan...
NiNa: Yes! she is higher than you!!
Gan Gan: don't care if your cute... respect a person higher than you!!!(flicks her head!)
Ella: Ouch!!
Zhi Yi: Ni Na, Gan Gan... stop it!!
Qi Tai: Chief Nurse I just finished room 405 what else
Qi Tai: What just happen?
Zhi Yi: they mistakenly thought Chief Nurse Ella is just an intern nurse!
Ella: Oh! I'm ok Qi Tai I'm fine!!
Senior Nurse: Chief Nurse Chen someone is look for you?
Ella: Oh ok!
At the lobby..
Ella: Auntie!!... Chunnie
Chunnie: Mommy!!(runs to her and hug her) can can carry me?
Ella: Sure!(carry her son) Auntie why bring Chunnie here is something wrong?
Mama: Well Chunnie said his neck is ichy and it hurts maybe he got tonsil sore!
Ella: honey let mommy see it ok!
Chunnie: Ok!(open his mouth)
Ella: You do have a tonsil sore! tell mommy the truth I won't get mad... did you ate chocolates non-stop ha Chunnie?
Chunnie:Yes!! uncle Yu Shu's bao bei gave me chocolates so I ate it all up!!
Ella: You naughty boy! come will see the doctor.. auntie you can go home now! I'll take care of him ok!
Mama: Ok! bye Chunnie!
Chunnie: Bye pretty granny!(smile)
Ella and Chunnie where heading to the nursing station and met Qi Tai, Xiang Qin, Gan Gan, NiNa and Zhi Yi
Xiang Qin: Ei! Chunnie aaahhh give auntie a big hug!
Chunnie: Hello!(gave Xiang Qin a hug)
Xiang Qin:(tickle her nephew) auntie missed you alot!!
Gan Gan: Ei who is this cute boy?
NiNa: What's your name?
Chunnie: Chunnie! I'm going to bef thwee yrs old mommy said I'm a big boy now!!
Qi Tai: you are a big boy now! where is your mommy I'll bring you to her!
Chunnie: This is my mommy(pointing to Ella)
Qi Tai: HAH!!(shock)
NN/GG/ZY: MO...MOM...!!!
Qi Tai: Chief Nurse Ella Chen why didn't you tell me your already married!!! alright who is the father!!! who!!!
Xiang Qin: Qi Tai!! are you inlove w/ my cozin!!
Gan Gan: He looks really inlove now that his true love got a child... poor Qi Tai!!!
Xiang Qin: why took Chunnie here?
Ella: is Zhi Shu available I wanted him to check for Chunnmie's condition he got a tonsil sore!
Gan Gan: Dr. Jiang is busy but their is a new pediatrician here a long term friend of Dr. Jiang has arrive I'll take you to him!
Ella: Him!! he's a guy!
Xiang Qin: Yes!! he is hansome as Zhi Shu, got broader body, passionate lips, serious but gentle eyes...
EllaPOV: Huh!! no... I'm just over reacting!!! it can't be him!!
Xiang Qin: he's name was Dr. Wu!
EllaPOV: No... no hehehehehe!! their are alot of Wu surname here!!!
At Dr. Wu's office..
Xiang Qin: Dr. Wu got a new patient
Chun: hey Xiang Qin, at the rest of you... let the patient in!
Gan Gan: Dr. Wu your so handsome!!!
EllaPOV: Why is this Dr. Wu sounded like him!!!(head down)
Chun:(standing infront of Ella) are you the patient!
Ella:(really nervous coz she knew that familiar smell, it is her child's father's perfume "Gressetie" then she looked up and really in surprise)Chun!!!!!!!.....
Chun;(surprised) Ella Chen....(POV) why are you here???
Ella:(POV) What should I do... Chun is here!!! he is Dr. Wu!!!(change her gaze to her son) Chunnie.... Chun!!!!

Finally Ella and Chun met up!! Chunnie and Chun also met up but Chunnie don't know him!! will Ella tell to Chun that he is Chunnie's father???


EllaPOV: No.... I really don't know what to do now!!! (still looking at her son then change her gaze to Chun who is staring at her w/ those tandalizing eyes of his)Chun... what are you doing here????(she remember the time when she and Chun had their first night together during their college days back in States.. she also remember the gentle but strong caress Chun did to her... that was their first naughty night together, she still remember those same scent of perfume she smells until now... her body was frozen at that time as she remembers the feeling of being caressed by Chun)
Xiang Qin: Ella!!! Ella!!!... WEI CHEN JIA HUA!!!!
Ella: YOUR NOT GOING TO TAKE HIM AWAY FROM ME!!(she shouted thought she was thinking on her mind)
Xiang Qin: What!! who will took who?
ChunPOV: God she is still hot and sexy... ei who is this little boy she is carrying???
Chunnie: Mommy!!! It's ichy!!!
Ella: Oh!
ChunPOV: Mommy??? so Ella is already a mom? how? who? what?
alright who posses my Ella?
Xiang Qin: Dr. Wu this is Ella's son Chunnie, well he is the patient he got a mild tonsil sore could you check on him
Chun: Sure! ah! can I check on your son?
Ella: NO!!!(hugs her son tight)
Zhi Shu: Ella it's ok he is the doctor! he'll just check Chunnie so that he can give you a right medicine!
Ella: I know!! but!!! alright!
Anyway she let Chun check on Chunnie's tonsil, when she saw that her son was carried by his unknown father she feels like of hugging Chun and telling that Chunnie is their son... she is really nervous.
Chun: Hi! I'm Dr. Wu zhun, Dr. Wu is ok for me!
Chunnie: can I call you Daddy
Chun: Huh?
Ella: No! you have your own daddy Chunnie( nervous but really blushing) uncle is ok!
Chunnie: but he looks like my daddy! you said that my daddy is so handsome,strong and looks like me!!!!
Ella: Ah yoh!!!
Xiang Qin: Ei!! Chunnie is really looks like you Chun?!
Ella: Xiang Qin! Chunnie's daddy don't look like Dr. Wu, Chunnie just stop talking so Dr. Wu will finish checking you ok!(smile at her son)
Chunnie: Ok! uncle Chun can can call!
Chun: Uncle will be alright!(smiled)
Xiang Qin: but Chunnie really...
Ella: Yuan Xiang Qin!!
Zhi Shu: Me and Xiang Qin will leave now, Chun take care of Xiang Qin's cousin and her child ok! come on Xiang Qin!
Xiang Qin: but I want to...
Zhi Shu: come on we will visit Dr. Xu to have your ultra sound ok!!!
After the check up!
Chun: Mrs. Chen!
Ella: WHAT? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME??( nervous)
Chun: Ah! it seems like your son only got a mild tonsil sore, you just let him take lots of fresh juices and eat lots of fruits rich in vitamin C and don't allow him to eat lots of sweets particularly chocolates, no need to intake medicine.. (gave Chunnie an orange fruit) here this is for you for behaving so well, by the way what is your name?
Chunnie: I'm Chunnie, I'm going to be thwee!
Chun: wow! your already a big boy now!(touches his unknown son's head)Well thank you for visiting my office!
Ella: Oh! yah! thanks for checking up my son!
Chun: Yup! your a nurse yet you don't know what to do w/ your son!(teased her)
Ella: WHA!! ei!! stop talking nonsense! of course I know!(pissed off) bye!
Chunnie: uncle can can play w/ Chunnie ok!!
Ella: Uncle is busy too many work!
Chun: I am free tomorrow I'll ask Zhi Shu where is his home so uncle will play w/ Chunnie ok!
Ella: Hah!!
Chunnie: Yiiipppeee!!! bye bye uncle!!!
At the Hallway
Ella: You little naughty boy!! why ask uncle Chun to play w/ you tomorrow, Uncle Yu Shu and little cuties puppy is their to play w/ you?
Chunnie: cause daddy his not here to play w/ me?
Ella: but uncle Zhi Shu play's w/ you even preggy autie Xiang Qin so as grand daddy Ah Li and grandpapi Ah Cai!
Chunnie:(got a deep grasp on his breath and frowned his little eyebrows crossed his little arms and looked at his mommy)
Ella:(sense a big tantrums) Oh Ok!! ok!! Uncle Chun will play w/ you!
Chunnie: hihihihi!! I love you mommy!(kiss his mommy)
Ella: I love you too Chunnie!!(kiss and hug her son, then a flash of images of Chun shook Ella's thought) What will I do Chun will be at Zhi Shu's house tomorrow! will I tell him that he is Chunnie's father??? but if I tell him he will take my Chunnie from me!! no! but I can't broke my promise to my son besides if I don't let Chun be at the house surely the Jiang family will notice that me and Chun had something... aaahhh!!! this is annoying!(POV)
At his office
ChunPOV: Ella is alraedy a mom! but who is the father of Chunnie? why isn't he here? if... if only I'm his daddy and Ella's husband surely I won't allow them be alone here? ah yoh!! why I'm so much into them... Chun!! stop it ok!
Zhi Shu: Hey Chun!
Chun: Oh! wazzup?
Zhi Shu: can I talk to you a man to man talk?
Chun: Start talking!
Zhi Shu: is you and Ella had a relationship before?
Zhi Shu: well you know her name right, she also know you!
Chun: Ella.... well she is my...(POV) will I tell him that Ella was my girlfriend before...(End of POV) She... her.. well she is my junior during our colleges days in states
Zhi Shu:(raised his eyebrow)
Chun: alright! she once became my girlfriend!
Zhi Shu: what about this Angela?
Chun: Angela? you mean Angela Zhang!
Zhi Shu:(nodded) aren't she your fiancee?
Chun: Yup!
Zhi Shu: Man! your going to get married... wait aren't you married coz the last thing I heard about you was Wang Bo told me that you will get married by febuary of 2008 but according to your files your still single?
Chun: I didn't marry her that's all!
Zhi Shu: why! becoz of your proffession?
Chun: That's one reason!
Zhi Shu: so what's the real reason of not marrying her?
Chun: Well... let's say I'm still inlove w/ Ella and hoping that I can conquer her heart again!
Zhi Shu: but Ella is already married!
Chun: Why, I know Ella is married but I can feel that she is still inlove w/ me! a once relationship of a boyfriend and girlfriend can be stolen why cant a wife of someone's husband!(smirked smile)
Zhi Shu: hahahahahahaha!!! you still haven't change it's good to see my old childhood buddy!
Chun: Yup! ei let's grab some lunch I'm hungry!
Zhi Shu: Wait didn't you just take up some meal?
Chun: but I'm hungry again!
Zhi Shu: still had that big apetite of your but still maintain those six packs of yours(hitted playfully Chun's abs)
Chun: Oh! ei!!! hahahahahahaha..

Chun will visit the Jiang family house will Ella tell him that he is chunnie's daddy... will it happen what is w/ Angela is Angela the reason why Ella don't wanna tell to Chun about their son?
Next Chapter is very funny so keep in touch...


So this is the first time Chun will visit his longtime childhood buddy's house... he is nervous but still in calm coz Ella was there and he don't know what to do if he will saw Ella not just Ella but Ella as a mom... then here it goes he arrive at the Jiang family house and he saw Zhi Shu waiting for him

Zhi Shu: Good your here, I thought you might get lost!
Chun: Neh! wow your house is good...(burst in laughter) what the hell is that... "XIN WO(LOVE NEST)"... who put that silly stuff on your house?
Zhi Shu: my mom!
Chun:(laugh) sure is auntie never change!!!
Zhi Shu: Come let's go inside Ella is waiting for you to come!
Chun: Ella!!!
Zhi Shu: I mean Chunnie!!

Inside the house..

Zhi Shu: Ei guess who is here?
Yu Shu: Chun Ge!!!
Chun: Yu Shu!!!! woah you really grew up!!! ei is this your girlfriend!
Yu Shu: ah..urh... yes!(blush)
Hao Mei: Hi! Chun Ge!!! I'm Hao Mei!
Chun: wow you ar cute.. Jiang brothers know how to pick some cute girls!
Chunnie: Uncle Chun!!!(open his little arms to give a big hug to Chun)
Chun: Hey little guy!!
Ella: YOU LITTLE BRAT...(coming down the stairs) "WU ZHUN"
Chun/Jiang Family:(shock)
Ella:(shook her head for calling her son his real name and spilled it) oh my...(murmur)
Zhi Shu: Did you just called Chunnie.. Wu zhun?!
Ella: Ha! hehehe!!!
Chunnie: My name is...
Ella: CHUNNIE!!!(gave her son a shut up look)oh no! of course not isn't this(reffering to Chun) guy name Wu zhun! hahahahahahaha!!! Chunnie come to mommy at once now!
Chunnie: No!! uncle is here now!
Ella: Chunnie!!!
Chun: Go on, Me you and mommy will go outside and play ok!
Chunnie: Ok!
Ella: you little devil!! you've scared mommy so much!
Chunnie: I'm sorry mommy I promise I will not let you get scared!
Ella: that's my little boy!
Chun: Ella!
Chunnie: Uncle Chun!!!
Chun: Let's go!
Ella: Go where?
Chun: Downstairs! Auntie and uncle had a BBQ outside! come uncle Chun will carry you!
Chunnie: Piggy back ride!
Chun: Sure come!(put Chunnie on the top of his shoulders)
Ella: Careful Chunnie is quite heavy!
Chun: it's ok! I got big broader shoulders
Chunnie: Mommy uncle is so strong!
EllaPOV:(smiled) they really are father and son! no!!! but I can't help stared at them... when will I have the courage to tell Chun that he is Chunnie's daddy...
Chun:(noticed Ella) Ei!! Chen Jia Hua let's go!(held his hand while the other was on Chunnie's knee for support)
Ella:(w/o hesitating she reaches Chun's hand and hold it tight just like one family)let's go!
Xiang Qin: Ei look at the three of you, your look like a one happy family!!!
C/E: Huh... what family???
Mama: You, Ella and Chunnie that is!
Ella:(notice she was holding Chun's hand and immediately took off her hand to Chun and said) Chunnie come down now uncle Chun's shoulder is hurt now!
Chunnie: NO!!
Chun: It's ok he is not really heavy at all!
Chun, Ella, Chunnie and the Jiang family had a good BBQ meal when Chun ask Ella to talk to him alone...
Ella: well start talking!
Chun: When did you have Chunnie?
Ella: Why you must know!
Chun:I'm your boyfriend that's why I must know!
Ella: yah before but now your already married w/ Angela!
Chun: I didn't marry her!
Ella: You didn't marry her!(surprise, but inside she's very happy) but why?
Chun: becoz....
Ella: becoz of what?
Chun:(took a deep breathe) IT'S BECAUSE OF YOU THAT'S WHY!!!
Ella: Me! why me?
Chun: Ella Chen Jia Hua your IQ is 180% yet you still don't know.. beacuse I still love you that's why I didn't marry her!
Ella: Well you cannot love me anymore coz I already a mom!
Chun: Yah a mom who's husband is unknown!
Ella; NO! YOUR THE FATHER OF CHUNNIE STUPID!(shook again her head) Ella Chen you done it again(murmur)
Chun: I am Chunnie's what?
EllaPOV: I can't hide it anymore...(End of POV) You are!!!
Xiang Qin: Ei... Ella guess who just came by!
Chun:(pulled Ella close to him)We are not done yet!(cold tone)
At the backyard
Ah Jin: Ella!!!!
Ella: Ah.... STUPID MONKEY!!!!
Ah Jin: Ei!! don't call me that name in front of my family!
Ella: Family! who you? you have your own family... (notice a foreign girl and a little chinese-british young girl, by the way this little young british-chinese girl got a black hair and looks like her mom) Who them?
Ah Jin: Yes! they are!
Ella: No way!! whooh!! hey little girl can can tell auntie what's your name?
Cello !
Ella: Wow your so adorable.. Chunnie come to mommy(calls her son who is playing w/ Chun)
Chunnie: What is it mommy?
Ella: This is Cello she is a year younger than you!
Chunnie: Hi I'm Chunnie!
Cello: I'm Cello!
Ah Jin: Ei your son is so handsome!
Christine: Hey Ah Jin!
Ah Jin: Oh hey honey!(kiss her on the cheeks)honey I'd like you to meet Xiang Qin's cousin Ella Chen!
Christine: Hi Ella nice to meet you! I'm Christine, Ahjin's wife!
Ella: Hi Christine! can't believe Ah Jin hooked some dazzling foreign princess!
Chun: Chunnie!
Ah Jin: Whooh! who is this big guy?(looked at Chunnie then to Chun then to Chunnie again) wwwhhoohhh I'm seeing double!Em I? are you Ella's husband?
Chun: Huh?
Ella: No of course not! he is Zhi Shu's childhood friend!
Ah Jin: Zhi Shu's...What Zhi Shu!(doubting) that guy had a friend!
Xiang Qin:(hitted Ah Jin w/ a BBQ tongs) Wei!!!
Ah Jin: Xiang Qin that hurts!(touching his head)
Chun: let's continue playing let mommy talk w/ them ok!
Chunnie: can Cello play wif us too?
Chun: sure just ask uncle Ah Jin!
Chunnie: that monkey is my uncle?
Ella: Chunnie(burst in laughter) stop it!
Ah Jin: I told you! shame on you Ella!
Cello: Dada can me play wif Chunnie ge and uncle Chun?
Ah Jin: (crouch down)Sure can play with them just give Dada a kiss my princess!
Cello:(kiss her daddy) bye!
Ah Jin: Stay w/ Uncle Chun only!
After all the fun Ella and Christine put their tickes to sleep and they had a chit chat w/ each other!
Christine: Ella can I ask you something?
Ella: Sure start talking!
Christine: I notice that Chunnie looks like Chun, I mean really look like Chun!
EllaPOV: oh not only the Jiang family but also Ah Jin and Christine notice(End of POV)Really! I haven't notice(still denying)
Christine: Is Chun the father of Chunnie?
Ella: HAH!! oh no no no!! Chun is just a childhood friend of Zhi Shu...
Christine: I won't tell anyone if you tell me the truth!
Ella: hah!!!...urh...(she just nodded)
Christine: Really... but why must you hide it?
Ella: Chun and I were only college students when we first had our first night, it was our universities foundation day our friends set us up for a marriage booth and they even booked us in an hotel... we are so happy and made a toast for that then since me and Chun are both inlove w/ each other we did what we must not did, later on I found out that I'm preggy w/ Chunnie of course and I was just about to tell it to Chun when a friend of mine told me that Chun will be engaigge with the daughter of the Zhang family who got a major influence on our school, I was totally in confused and don't know what to do after hearing that.. Chun lied to me so I runaway, I met his father and ask me what happen upon hearing that he let me be w/ his second family who treats me so well like their own daughter they sended my to Italy to continue my study and went back to States to gave birth to Chunnie all of my life and my son's life was in states I don't know where Chun could be now at that time... but...(tears rolled down her face) but I'm glad that I have Chunnie... then out of nowhere here didn't expect Chun and I will met up!
Christine: wow! that's a whole in one story it looks like a tv series!
Ella:(laugh) same as Ah Jin and you! Christine this is only our secret ok!
Christine: count on me!(gave her a hug)
Ella: I think our kids are asleep now let's go down now!
Christine: Yup!
Ah Jin: honey is our little Cello already sleeping?
Christine: Yup!
Ah Jin: Ei got an idea! when Cello and Chunnie grew up why don't we let them get marry!
Christine: I thought you will let our Cello marry Xiang Qin's baby?
Xiang Qin: Ei! Cello can't marry Zhi Shu and I's baby coz our baby has a same gender as your little Cello!
Ella: for me I will let Chunnie decide who will he marry!
Ah Jin: surely he will marry Xiang Qin's baby..
Ella:(kicked him playfully) you fool our babies cannot marry each other Xiang Qin and Me are cozin's ok!
Ah Jin: Oh yeh I almost forgot about that!
Mama: Chun tell me are you still single?
Chun: urh... well I had a girlfriend once, but then my parents decided to let me get married w/ someone else.
Papa: so did you get married?
Chun: No!
P/M: Why?
Chun: I still love the girl who once become my girlfriend(change his stares to Ella)
EllaPOV: He is referring to me!(her heart beats so fast)
Mama: where is this girl now?
Chun: I don't know, but where ever she is right know I hope she is alright and hope to see her again whether she had her own family or not!(stared at Ella seriously)
Zhi Shu:(notice the stare of Chun to Ella, he knows that Chun still love Ella, but he is thinking if Ella is Chun's girlfriend before then Chunnie must be Chun's son)
Xiang Qin: Zhi Shu! something wrong?
Zhi Shu: No! it's nothing!
Ah Cai: Ella! tell me how is you and your relationship w/ your husband?
Ella: Oh Chu...(she almost spill that Chun is her husband luckily she didn't) Oh Chunnie's father well our relationship is fine!
Mama: I notice that you keep on calling your husband Chunnie's father..
Ella: Why isn't he Chunnie's father!
Mama: I mean you never mention Chunnie's father as your husband!
Ella: Oh..urh.. well I'm not used to mention him as my husband coz we are not yet legally married!
Xiang Qin: but you said that Chunnie's surename is Chen!
Ah Jin: SHA ME!! CHUNNIE'S NAME IS CHUNNIE CHEN CHEN ??? then you married to a guy who's name is Chen so your son's name is CHUNNIE CHEN CHEN... in short it's XIAO CCC!!!
Everyone laughs to Ah Jin's joke except Ella and Chun.
EllaPOV: actually Chunnie's real name is Wu Ji Zun or simply as Wu zhun
ChunPOV: Ella is it true that your husband's name is actually Chen and not me I really want to know who you end up to and why is everyone thinks that I'm Chunnie's father, but if I am his father hopefully that is true! then why did you runway and left me... Ella tell me the truth!!!?
Later that night(well Ah Jin and his family went back to their unit, so as Chun went back to his unit still out of clue.. neither Chun didn't know that Ella was staring at him at the window)
EllaPOV: You still love me right! I can feel right now when you told me that you didn't marry that Angela who looks like a broom stick I'm quite had a peace of mind... Chun I stiil treasure those nights we did together if it wasn't for that dazzling night I wouldn't have our son..
but I'm really scared that If I tell you that Chunnie is your son you will take him away from me... I won't allow you to do that! but as I can see the way our son treat on you I know he is in good hands coz he is w/ you... Chun I know you love me and I also love you too... alright I'll tell you, I will tell you the truth just give me some time...(then she went to her son and brushed the hair from her son's face) look Chun he is the little you!(kissed her son)

so finally Ella will have the courage to tell Chun that he is the father but still it will took time.


Somewhere in States..

:Where are you going?
:back to Taiwan!
:But why?
:I want to see them, that's why!
:Michelle Wei(Genie Zhuo)!!! why on earth you keep on asking me that question?
Michelle: Gian Chen(Calvin Chen)!!! I'm your best friend that's why I keep on asking why you must go to Taiwan to see Ella and Chunnie!
Gian: I'm Chunnie's father that's why I want to see my son!
Michelle: since when did you become his father, your not his father coz the only father of Chunnie is none other than Chun!
Gian: Oh please! that bastard can't and cannot be the father of Chunnie, why who accompanied Ella during her labor days?
Michelle: You!
Gian: who stand out as a father of Chunnie during his baptismal?
Michelle: You again!
Gian: Suo Yi!
Michelle: So what?
Gian: So I will go to Taiwan to see my son!
Michelle: If Chunnie is your son then Ella cannot be Chunnie's mom coz you and Ella aren't married
Gian: Oh yeh! but still I will go to Taiwan!
Michelle: I'm coming w/ you!
Gian: NO! you stay here!
Michelle: Friends never let someone gets left behind!
Gian: Alright!! let's get some ticket to flew to Taiwan!
MichellePOV: though I really don't know the purpose of Gian going to Taiwan and see Ella and Chunnie I'm glad I'll be able to accompany him...but what if Chun is also there!!! what will Gian do?
Gian: Michelle... Michelle... wei you slowpoke let's go!
Michelle: Wei! no calling me slow poke you overnight pervert!
Gian: Ei! I'm not a pervert!
Michelle: You are a pervert, you got 23 girlfriend hahahahaha!!!
Gian: so what!
Michelle: though your a pervert and got 23 girlfriends but you only have 1 bestfriend and that's me... later will get married! hihihihihi!!!
Gian: Shut up! I like Ella better than you!
Michelle: still denying(hides her sadness but truly she can't conquer Gian's heart coz her bestfriend she loves secretly likes Ella Chen so much)
Gian and Michelle rides a class A flight from USA to Taiwan they stop over to Japan, then Michelle notice a group of 5 guys and then....
Michelle: ARASHI!!!! ARASHI!!! KONICHIWA!!!(she scream)
Gian: Michelle!!!
Michelle: Gian look it's Arashi... Gian look!!
Gian: Yeh... whatever sit down little girl!(annoyed)
Michelle: Arashi...(runs to where Arashi's sits are)Ah... Sumimasen!!! can.... can.... I have your autograph please!!
Gian: What the Michelle... wei!!!!
Arashi: Sure! what's your name?
Michelle: Watashi wa Michelle Wei desu!(sorry I'm not good in japanese)
Matsumoto: Ei!!! sugoi... Anata wa kawaii!!(Amazing your cute! again don't know if it is correct)
Michelle: Whooooaaaahhhh!!! Gian... Gian... Masumoto said I'm cute!!! Arigatou!!!(so happy, then someone pulled her)Oh!! Gian?
Gian:(bow down) Gomenasai!! sorry if my girlfriend disturb you!
Arashi: It's nothing!
Gian: Let's go honey hmpf!(pissed smile)
Michelle: but??
Gian: I said let's go back to our sit "HONEY"(raise his left eyebrow and emphazied the word honey)
At their plane sit..
Gian: What the hell is that ha?
Michelle: What the hell was what?... maybe I should ask you why on earth you call me your girlfriend hmpf?
Gian: don't change the topic Michelle!
Michelle: I'm not! why you must call me your girlfriend?
Gian: why aren't you my female friend....
Michelle: Ah Yoh!!!
Gian:(smell something fishy on his bestfriend's mind) are you thinking of something ha Michelle?
Michelle: thinking of what?
Gian: whatever is that silly and weirdo thing running into your mind it's not going to happen and it won't happen 100% guarantee ok! so don't think to much!
Michelle:(cross her arms and frowned) your still denying for liking your best friend(murmur)
Gian and Michelle arrive in Taiwan
Michelle: Wow! so this is what Taiwan looks like now, I never knew that half of my life was spent in States... Ei Gian how about you?
Gian: well kinda miss this place the food here, so as the atmosphere here!
Michelle: when we arrive at our hotel can we tour the places here if it is okey w/ you?(worrying if Gian will reject her request)
Gian: Sure! let's just finish all the stuffs here so that we can have tour this place.. let's go(gave her a satisfaction smile)
Michelle: Yes! thanks Gian your the best bestfriend I have!
Gian: Why? is their any bestfriend you have rather than me?
Michelle: No! of course not! no one can replace your kindness...(starting to talk on her thoughts) Gladly Gian did'nt notice that the reason I ask him to tour this place was becoz I wanted to spent my time on him coz when we are in states all he was thinking is Ella and Chunnie... this is the most blissful days of my life.. Gian I make sure that you won't regret spenting a time on me!

Gian and Michelle will tour the places here in Taiwan... as for Ella and her so called courage can tell to Chun that he is Chunnie's father, what will Chun do if he met Gian? stay tuned!!!


In the Hospital, Xiang Qin was busy checking all the files of the patient when...

Xiang Qin!
Xiang Qin: not now I'm busy!
Yuan Xiang Qin it's me!
Xiang Qin:(looked up and see her friend) Chun Mei.... CHUN MEI!!!!(she shouted)
Senior Nurse: Yuan Xiang Qin!!!
Xiang Qin: Oooppss! sorry me!
Chun Mei: Ei don't shout!
Xiang Qin: What are you doing here?
Chun Mei: visiting you and my upcoming niece!
Xiang Qin: Oh your so sweet! Ei where is Ah Bu and your baby?
Chun Mei: AiBi(AlBee) is the name of our baby!
Xiang Qin: AiBi(AlBee)... that name is familiar... anyway where are they
:Mommy... mommy...
Chun Mei: Hey sweety!(carried her child) AiBi this is auntie Xiang Qin say hi to her!
AiBi: Hi! auntie Xiang Qin!
Xiang Qin: Hi AiBi your so adorable!
Ah Bu: Chun Mei! have you seen.... so you came running to mommy hah AiBi!
AiBi: hihihihihihihi!!! daddy is so slow can't catch me!
Xiang Qin: Ah Bu!! Hao Jiu Bu Jian(Long Time No See)
Ah Bu: hey Hao jiu bu Jian Nurse II Xiang Qin... wow tummy is already big!
Meanwhile at the rooftop
Ella:(looking for Chun)... Ei why sudden call me?
Chun: don't you remember the last talk we have?
Ella: What talk?
Chun:(get into his temper) ELLA CHEN JIA HUA! DON'T BE STUPID!
Ella: HEY! HOW DARE YOU CALLING ME THAT!(shouted at him angrily)
Ella: WHAT QUESTION?...(then she remembered the last talk they have about Chunnie is Chun's what)Oh still you don't forget that question...(now it really chills to her spine the question of Chun that she kept for almost 3 yrs)
Chun: Well I'm waiting Ella!(coldly but calm)
EllaPOV: Should I tell him now...(End of POV)Alright you are...(suddenly her phone rang) hold on!
Chun: No! tell me first!(grab her hand and grasp it tight so that Ella will not answer her phone)
Ella: Ah yoh Chun! let me go(she struggle in force to free her hand from Chun) I'll tell you just let me go(then she answered her phone)Wei!... Gian... GIAN!!!(POV) good thing Gian called up then I have a reason not to tell yet this to Chun..(End of POV) Hey what's the calling(then someone grab her phone) Ah yoh Chun!
Chun: Wei! is it you Gian Chen!

Somewhere in Taiwan...

Gian: Chun!
Chun: why did you called up!
Gian:(heared Ella screaming) YOU BASTARD WHAT ARE YOU DOING W/ ELLA HAH!(angry)
Before Chun could response to what Gian said Ella grabbed forcefully her phone and shouted at Chun
Ella:STOP IT CHUN THIS GUY YOU TALKING TO IS NONE OTHER THAN CHUNNIE'S FATHER(talk to Gian) Honey! I'll call you later!(hang up her phone)
Gian: Wei! Ella(already hang up) sheeizz! that bastard!
Chun:(those words was the first time he ever heard to his whole entire life what makes his heart and mind broke into pieces was it came out to the person whom he didn't expected it to came out... the suddenly he just lower his head and his voice got all sad) your the first person who said those words to me... I... I don't know what to say...(he raise his head and tears started to see on Chun's eyes)
Ella:(she was so shock to see the very first tears of Chun and so stunned by her actions and thrown harsh words to Chun) Chun...(POV) Oh no!!!(End of POV) I'm... I'm...
Chun: Forget it! I won't bother you anymore! I'm sorry Ella(walk away)
Ella: Chun wait...(but Chun already left)I just want to say that I lied...(then tears started to flow to her cheeks) I did I say those words to him... Ella your so stupid how could you say those word to your son's real father... and how could you say those words to the guy you love and who wooid you for almost 7 years... Ella your so stupid!(she just crouch down and cried hard as if there are no tear will comeout tomorrow)
At his office
ChunPOV: Right now I really don't know how to face her again... all I want to know is what is my relationship w/ her son, Ella do you still love me, I guess the wooing of 7 years will end up like this....(tears flow on his face) I'm sorry for bothering and entering your life I will give up... I'm happy for you and your son Chunnie... Gian and you are right I'm nothing but a foolish, bastard full of chuavanism guy....(then he lowered his head on his table)

That was totally sad I wonder If Chun will persue Ella to tell him that what was his relationship to Chunnie....
Ella's words hurted Chun very much.


As the days past Chun never bother Ella, even at their work Ella got the feeling of Chun ignoring her presence since he treat her so coldly, Ella was just sad for Chun ignoring her, deep in her heart she still love him so much and also misses him but what can she do, she still don't have the courage to tell this matter to Chun when agian her phone rang...
Ella: Wei!! this is Ella!
Gian: Hey Ella it's me again!
Ella: Oh Gian! why called up?
Gian: I'm here in Taiwan, where are you anyway!
Ella: yeh your in Tai...(shock) your what!!! your here as in here!
Gian: Yup! Michelle is also here!
Ella: Oh my God!!
Then w/o Ella noticing Chun passed by and heard the conversation of Ella and Gian
ChunPOV: so that Gian called up again and he is here now!(the Chun listen to the conversation of Ella and Gian to his surprised and couldn't believe what he just heared)
Ella: Chunnie and I are fine... oh that matter... well my son still wants to see his father... Chun... no I haven't yet told to him that he is Chunnie's father, I don't have the courage to tell this matter to Chun.... I know but I'm afraid that Chun might take Chunnie away from me.... and now Chun treat me so codly as is I don't exist in his world...(then tears suddenly seen into Ella's eyes)...Gian what will I do... I still want him back... No! he didn't marry Angela becoz he is still inlove w/ me... Yes I love him i still love Chun dearly if it wasn't for him and that dazzling night we did before I wouldn't have our child... ok thanks for calling anyway I have someone to tell my saddness thanks Gian I'll visit you after my work bye!(hang up her phone)
On the other side...
ChunPOV: I am....(tears flown into his face) I am Chunnie's father... and Ella still wants me back, so Ella hides this becoz she was afraid to tell me that I have a son and I might abandoned her and take our child away and also it's becoz of I getting married to Angela... luckily I didn't marry her, Ella I'll stop this cold war from you
After Ella's work she went to see Gian and Michelle the 3 had a great reunion and happy talking and the restaurant they remember those things they did during their highschool and college years, then Michelle open up a topic about the 7 yrs of Chun wooing Ella then the laughter was turn into bitterness
Michelle: I'm sorry I...
Gian: you stupid!
Ella: No! it's ok... wait I'll just make a call from home to check if Chunnie is ok!
G/M: take your time!
Ella: Wei! auntie this is Ella, I just want to know is Chunnie ok.....WHAT!!! GONE... CHUNNIE IS GONE!!!
Gian: What's wrong!
Ella:(her face turns to worry, and go out side) WHO... HOW DID.... CHUN... BUT WHY.... TAKE BACK WHAT WAS THE THING HE OWNS...(Ella then pause for a moment and think that words "Take back what was the thing he also owns...and to the surprised she immediately hang up her phone went inside the restaurant grab her stuffs and leave Gian and Michelle out of clue..
Gian: Ella... Ella where are you going??....
Michelle: Ah who cares maybe this is matter is about Chun and Chunnie the 3 of us will see each other soon again.
At the taxi Ella was worried and thinking of what Chun will or might do to Chunnie but Ella thought for a second that what will Chun do of course he will do nothing coz he is Chunnie's father but again Ella thought that Chun didn't know it at all... to much thinking so she called up Chun but their is no response until she her taxi passed by the playgroud and saw Chun w/ Chunnie so she immediately get outside the cab and went to where her son is now
Ella: CHUNNIE!!!(shouted)
Chunnie: Mommy... mommy.....(he runs to his mommy and gave her a hug)
Ella: Chunnie!!(tears flown to her face again) mommy is so worried(she told to her son and tighten the hug) I thought I lost you...
Chunnie: hihihihi!! silly mommy I'm not lost daddy took me here and we play alot of games together!
Ella: daddy... Chunnie daddy is not here!
Chunnie: he is here isn't he my daddy(pointing to Chun)
Ella: Daddy.... Chun....
Chun: Chunnie why don't you play and the sand box let mommy and I talk ok!(smiled to his son)
Chunnie: Ok!(gave his cutest smile)
Chun: that's my little boy!
Ella: Chunnie don't go to far ok!
Chunnie: I won't mommy....
Ella: What now?
Chun: Is he my son?
Ella: Huh... NO!
Chun:(raise his eyebrow and crosses his arms) you still deny it!
Ella: Chun... well.... urh....(took a very deep breath)..... alright he is your son... our son...
Chun: you kept this matter to our son and also to me... shame on you Ella!
Ella: I know! it's my fault, it's all my fault...(again Chun saw her tears and he wipes it w/ his hands)... huh!
Chun: I'm sorry!
Ella: sorry... sorry for what?
Chun: for not telling you that I didn't marry Angela
Ella: I already know that!
Chun: I won't take Chunnie away from you I will not do that!
Ella: you won't take Chunnie away from me!?
Chun: No! all my life wanted to see you but I don't have any reasons now I can see I have a reason to see you coz now I have a big responsibility not just a doctor but also a father to Chunnie and hopefully a husband for you!
Ella: Chun!
Chun: will you marry me again Ella?
Ella: but...(a kissed suddenly felt on her lips, that kiss was so tender and so passionate that she longing it for almost a year, that same lips was felt by her and she don't wanna let that kiss ended buy then)
Chun:(broke the kiss) but then what Ella?
Ella: Chun.... I still love you and I want you to be w/ us please?
Chun: I'll alway be w/ you and w/ out son(then he kissed her again)
Chunnie: Mommy and Daddy so mushy just like uncle Zhi Shu and preggy auntie Xiang Qin... hihihihihi!! mwuah mwuah!!
C/E: Huh!...(stared at each other)
Ella: why are you so red?
Chun: who me? no you are red!
Chunnie: both mommy and daddy are red... kiss kiss so sweet.. mwuah mwuah!! hihihihihihi!!!
Ella: Chunnie! stop it!!
Chunnie: kiss kiss mwuah mwuah!!!
Ella: WU ZHUN!!! I SAID STOP IT!(totally embarassed)
Chun: come to daddy Chunnie I'll treat you to your favorite place!
Chunnie: piggy back ride!
Chun: alright come!... ah your abit heavy now! alright let's go!(notice Ella out of clue) Ella....
Chunnie: Mommy what's wrong?
Chun:(holds her hand) anything wrong?
Ella:(felt the same hands as before) Oh! no nothing!
Chun: let's go Honey!

Wow! Ella and Chun are together now and they will get married sooner... Chunnie has a pretty mother and a very handsome father... so sweet!!!


At Chun's car...
Chunnie: Is daddy will stay at Uncle and preggy auntie Xiang Qin's house?
Ella: Well... urh....
Chun: Of course mommy and you live's on their house so as daddy will live there!
Chunnie: Then mommy and daddy will sleep w/ me tonight!
C/E: HUH!!!!
Ella: Of course mommy always sleep w/ you right!
Chunnie: No! I mean both mommy and daddy sleep in one bed w/ me!
Chun:(raise his eyebrow to Ella) Well.....
Chun: our son wants us to sleep together!
Ella:I'll sleep w/ you if Chunnie will be sleeping between us!
Chun: But!
Ella: No but's or else...
Chun: Or else what?
Ella: Or else I won't marry you hpmf!!!!
Chun: Is that a threat?
Ella: If you think it is some sort of a blackmail then be it!
Chun: Fine I give up I let our son sleep in the middle!
Ella: Ei! that's strange why giving up so easily?
Chun: Coz I wanted to be w/ you, I want to marry you so that Chunnie will legally use my name and be able to give him lot's of attention that I haven't gave to him since the day you gave birth on him, I wanted to be a perfect husband to you and a perfect father to our son!
Ella: You don't have to do that coz me and Chunnie know that your a perfect husband and a father so just be yourself, besides Chunnie looks exactly like you so I know that your already a perfect person ok!(smile)
Chun: You haven't change, your still the sweet Ella Chen that I know!
Ella: and your still the Chun I love right!(suddenly change her gaze to Chunnie) Ei he's sleeping no wonder he doesn't interrupt our conversation.
Chun:(notice that he's son looks really like him specially when sleeping) Our son is the mini me!
Ella:Yup he is the mini you hihihihihihi!!!, Ei can you stop our car at the side I'll carry Chunnie I'm afraid he might fall down!
Chun: Hold on! I'll bring him to you!
Ella: Ok!
At the Jiang Family house
Mama: what took Chun and Chunnie so long... and where is Ella....
Xiang Qin: Mama... Ei mama what's wrong?
Mama: Is Ella went somewhere?
Xiang Qin: she said she will meet her husband and her friend... wait where is Chunnie anyway?
Mama: Chun took him for play!
Mama: But I already called Ella that Chun took Chunnie for play then after she heared me that she went shouting at the phone and...
Knock knock!!!
Ella: Auntie we are home!
Mama: Ella, where have you been so is Chunnie w/ you now where is he?
Chunnie: pretty granny Chunnie is here!!!
Mama: Oh Chunnie!!!(hug him)
Chunnie: Pretty Granny preggy auntie daddy is here, he will live here... daddy daddy...
Mama: You husband has arrive
Chun: Hello Auntie.. Hi Xiang Qin!
Xiang Qin: Ei your husband know us!?
Mama: He also looks kinda familiar??
Xiang Qin: He looks like Chun?
Mama: Oh yes he is!
Ella: Actually he is Chun!
Mama/XQ: Oh he also even the names... HA! HE IS CHUN THEN HE IS YOUR...
Ella: Yes he is Chun and he is Chunnie's dad!
After 30 mins while taking dinner
Mama:I thought your husband's name is Chen!
Chun: Chen.... Ella are they talking about Gian?
Ella: Yeh I guess so...
Chun: What you tell them that our son's daddy is that per...
Ella: Ah yoh! let's forget about that! your already here and soon will get married!
Mama/XQ: Married!
Ella: Me and Chun are not yet legally married so Chunnie still uses my name!
Xiang Qin: Ei got an idea why don't their marriage be like mine and Zhi Shu's marriage!
Ella: WO BU YAO!!!
Chun: wei sha me bu yao?
Ella: Chun their marriage is weird, you wanna wear a gown and I wear toxido!
Chun: What! Zhi Shu wears a bridal gown!?
Ella: Yes! and besides that bridal gowwn won't fit you coz your a muscled guy!
Mama: on the second thought yes, Zhi Shu is a bit thinner than you!
Zhi Shu: looks like someone is talking behind me!
Xiang Qin: Zhi Shu your home!
Zhi Shu: how is our baby?(touching XQ's tummy)
Xiang Qin: he is fine..
Zhi Shu: Chun why here?
Ella: remember Chunnie's father?
Zhi Shu: Yup I heard he just arrive right Chun!
Chun: actually I am Chunnie's father!
Zhi Shu: that's good now Ella can have peace! welcome home Chun!
30 mins later at ZS and XQ's room
Xiang Qin: hubby! Ella is happy now right! she and Chun was blessed w/ a child like Chunnie, Ella can have peace on her mind!
Zhi Shu: Yup! soon your going to gave birth!
Xiang Qin: are you excited?
Zhi Shu:(hugs his wife) of course I'm excited that only a few months our very own angel will be born!
Meanwhile at Ella and Chunnie's room w/ Chun
Ella: Oh Yu Shu! thanks for accompanying Chunnie did he gave you a stress?
Yu Shu: No not at all! besides when he came entering my room and ask me if I wanted to play w/ him it made my stress gone as I play w/ him!
Ella: Thanks anyway... Chunnie say bye bye to uncle Yu Shu now!
Chunnie: Is uncle Yu Shu play w/ Chunnie again?
Yu Shu: Sure! anytime Chunnie needs me!
Chunnie: Then will uncle bring his pretty bao bei auntie Hao Mei and the puppies here?
Yu Shu: Sure!(path Chunnie's head)
Chunnie: bye bye uncle Yu Shu!!!
Inside their room
Ella: This is Uncle Ah Cai's room, but since he is not here auntie let us occupy this room...(saw Chunnie run into the bed)Chunnie!!!
Chunnie:(jumping excitedly on their bed) mommy and daddy will sleep w/ me yyyyiiipppeeee!!
Ella: Alright! stop jumping and let mommy clean you up let's take a bath!
Chun: Let me take him to bath, boys are boys you should know that mommy!
Chunnie: No! I'm hungry!
Ella: Hungry! again?
Chunnie: Yup!
Ella: Ok! then daddy will let you take a bath first then I'll bring you food ok!
Chunnie: No, eat first bath later!
Ella: No! bath first eat later!
Chunnie: No! eat first bath later!
Ella: CHUNNIE!!!
Chunnie: MOMMY!!!(giggles)
Ella: don't copy me ok!!!
Chunnie: you not copy me!
Ella: WU JI ZHUN!!!(shouted)
Chunnie: MO KE CENG!!! (shouted w/ giggles)
Ella: What did you just call mommy!
Chunnie: M-O-K-E-C-E-N-G... MO KE CENG!!!
Ella: Who told you that?
Chunnie: daddy did!
Chun:(signing to Chunnie not to tell) alright I'm dead!(murmur)
Ella: Wu zhun! you know this matter right!
Chun: I guess so!
Ella: How dare you tell this to our son hmpf!(puts her arms on her waist and raised her left eyebrow)
Chun: urh....urh...
Ella: WU JI ZUN SPEAK FOR YOUR SELF!(raise her voice)
Chun: Wei! we are not married yet, but your shouting at me now ELLA CHEN JIA HUA!!(raise his voice as he emphasize Ella's name)
Chunnie:(stares at his parent then tears rolled to his face) mommy and daddy are fighting...(crying)
C/E: (looked to their son who is crying) Chunnie...
Chun:(carry his son) No stop crying(wipes his son's tears) mommy and I are not fighting I just only teased mommy coz mommy said she won't sleep w/ me ok!
Chunnie: why mommy not sleep w/ daddy?
Ella: becoz mommy is afraid that daddy might crushed me!
Chun: And why you think I might crushed you!
Ella: don't you remember before that you always rolled on the bed!
Chun: How did you know, have we sleep together ha Ella?
Ella:Chun shame on you, how would Chunnie be our son if we didn't sleep together and did that....(then blushed)
Chun: What did we did?!(smirked smile)
Ella: Ah Yoh! stop it Chun, I'll grab your food ok Chunnie(smile)
Chun: Let's play some game Chunnie!
Ella: Chun! don't dare talk any rubbish words against me!
Chun: I won't Honey!

Next is part 2 of this scene..


Ella went downstairs to prepare some sandwich to Chunnie, of course since Ella finished culinary course she made a clubhouse and a milk so that after eating that meal and after taking a bathe Chun will easily put him to bed..., then she went upstairs and gave that food to Chunnie after he finished he's midnight snack, Chun cleaned him up and then tucked him to bed while Chunnie was fast alseep Chun talked to Ella...
Chun: When I'm not around how did you manage yourself?
Ella: Well.. Gian let me stay on his house, when I started to know that I'm pregnant w/ Chunnie I told this matter to Gian, then as my tummy grow my carrer as a chef boost up but since I cannot travel abroad I decided to stay in States, when I was buying some clothes for Chunnie my amniotic sac broke down and I called a cab to rushed me to the hospital, when I arrive in their they let me fill a form but I was totally in pain good thing Gian's male friend doctor rushed me to the delivery room it took me 4hrs delivering Chunnie coz he is a big baby about 8lbs... hihihihihihi... at that time I was screaming and cursing your name... hihihihihi!!!
Chun: I wish I was there w/ you!
Ella: Yup! if you were there I'll go busting your face hmpf!
Chun:(gets near to Ella and kiss her on the lips and said) We will have next time right!(he whispered)
Ella: Huh!.. Chun what is that next time... what is it??
Chun: 4get it I'll take a shower first!
EllaPOV:(felt her heart beating so fast) why is my heart like this was it becoz of what that weird next time Chun told me hmpf what was it?(she was just kept on thinking about what was Chun telling to her then...)
Chun: What are you thinking hmpf?
Ella: (accidentally kissed Chun's lips)
Chun:(to grab that opportunity he pressed his lips to Ella and placed her arms across his shoulder and tried to let her laid down to the bed everything is going smoothly and Chun thought that this is a good omen to have a second time around w/ Ella)I'll make her night so dazzling(POV)
EllaPOV: What is he doing... oh no not now...(End of POV and broke the beautiful scenario)What are you doing?(really blushing in red)
Chun: well urh...
Ella: Didn't I tell you no body contact until we get married hmpf!(started to think) Why did I let go... aahh that's the most good sign I will get to see again Chun's hot and precious body and I will let my body be touched again by him... stupid Ella!
Chun: Alright no body contact for now(then he carried Chunnie and placed him horizontally on the bed facing the head board)
Ella: Why did you place him like that?
Chun: Well the bed is abit small for the 3 of us to fit in so I place him like this so we can sleep together!
Ella: (was about to sleep beside her son when a gentle but strong hands pulled her.. it was Chun who pulled her making her on the top and Chun on the bottom) Chun...
Chun: And where do you think your going?
Ella: Ugh! sleeping duh!
Chun: Well you can sleep here!(pointing to his big and wider chest)
Ella:(stared at her husband to be's chest to her mind she cannot control it) No!
Chun:(giggled) I now you love to sleep here come on Ella don't be shy!
Ella: No!(POV) Oh yes I'd love to I really do...(End of POV) Who want's to sleep on your chest?!
Chun: You do! come on your the only girl I allowed to lay down on my chest!
Ella: Really!(her heart is jumping in joy)... I mean oh I see!(still denying)
Chun: just for I night please!
EllaPOV: Oh I cannot say no to you... I been longing to be w/ you I've been longing to feel your embrace ok just for this night!(End of POV) alright(then kissed Chun on the lips for 5sec.) I love you Chun!
Chun: I also love you my dearest Ella(kissed back)

That is also sweet Ella don't you wanna have a a second time around w/ Chun huh! if I'm you I won't hesitate to have that dazzling opportunity... hihihi... Chun has a very naughty but great idea so that Ella will not go away... CHUN JAIYOU!!!


While everyone is asleep execpt Dr. Jiang Zhi Shu was awake and studying his medical papers when...
Xiang Qin: Zhi Shu....
Zhi Shu: What!
Xiang Qin:(slowly sit on the bed until...)aarrhhh! Zhi Shu I... I...
Zhi Shu:(immediately went to Xiang Qin) hold on...
Xiang Qin: the baby is coming out.... (then she sreamed in pain) AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!
everyone in the house woke up particularly Little Cutie and hurried into the room, the first one is Chun and Ella followed by Zhi Shu's parents and Yu Shu
Chun: What's going on???
Zhi Shu: Call the hospital now alert the delivery room to prepare all the stuffs needed! Ella can you let Xiang Qin calm down for a minute!
Ella: Got it!
Mama: Xiang Qin you going to have a labour! aahhh I'm going to be a granny now!... Papa hurry prepare the car
Papa: Right the car!
Chun: Yu Shu can you take care of Chunnie for a while!
Yu Shu: Sure! just inform me if Sao Sao already gave birth Chunnie and I will go their tomorrow!
Chun: No problem!
So Xiang Qin was brought to the hospital all the delivery room department was full alert, Dr. Wu perform the delivery thing w/ his assistant of course Ella coz Chun mastered the mother and child course as or Zhi Shu the major surgical operations, so okey back to the delivery thing, Zhi Shu was comforting his wife to just relax for a while but Xiang Qin was really growling in pain and ready to gave birth.
Chun: Alright! Xiang Qin listen to me when I say breath deeply you breath and then push as hard as you can ok!
Xiang Qin: Al....ri.....ght!!!(breathing difficultly)
Chun: Ok! here is the contraction now.... take a very deep breath... and push....
Xiang Qin:(pushed harder as she can then scream) AAAAARRRRRHHHHHH!!!!AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!
Chun: Ok breath... just relax for a while, Ella put an oxygen tube to Xiang Qin!
Ella: OK!(Ella puts an oxygen tube to Xiang Qin who have some dificulty in breathing)You can do this Xiang Qin!!
Chun: Ok! Zhi Shu are you alright?
Zhi Shu: Yup!... dear just relax it's going to be alright!
Xiang Qin: I.... I.. wi....lll!!!
Chun: Ok the contraction is back Xiang Qin again take a deep breath and push....
Xiang Qin: AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!(growling and crying in pain)AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Chun: Ok! it's coming out... I can see the head now.... ok!!! just a little more....(the baby came out) it's a girl Zhi Shu Xiang Qin it's a girl...
Zhi Shu: I'm a dad! Xiang Qin can you see our baby!!
Xiang Qin: Yes....
Ella:(notice something and made her shock) CHUN!!! I THINK IT'S A TWIN?(she shouted)
Chun: Huh! twin?....(saw a head popping out) Xiang Qin, push!!!
Zhi Shu: You mean there is another one?!
Ella: Dr Jiang you got twins....
Chun: ok! oh! it's a boy! the 2nd one is a boy Dr Jiang Xiang Qin Gong Xi Ni!!!
Ater 3hrs of laboring Zhi Shu came out
Mama: Well Ge ge what now?(heared the Happy birthay song w/c normally in hospitals of Taiwan when a baby was born expected parents and relatives will here this song)whah!!!
Zhi Shu: I'm a father... Ma Pa I got twins one girl and one boy!(tears of joy)
Papa: Twins!!!
Mama: Papa we got twin grandkids!!! Papa(jumping in joy)
Then Chun and Ella came out carrying the twins
Mama: Oh my are they my grandkids?
Ella: Yes! they are!
Papa: Jaiyou! Zhi Shu your already a father!
At Xiang Qin's room, Dr Wu and Ella brought the twins to their mother
Xiang Qin: Oh my little angels are here!!!
Zhi Shu: (assist Xiang Qin to stand up and carried the one baby while he carried the other one) So what are you going to name this 2 tikes?
Xaing Qin: Well the boy one is Yi Ye(Joey) and the girl is Yi Chen(Jessie)
Mama: Wow my motherhood is good!
Zhi Shu: What motherhood?
Mama: This twins looks the little 2 of you!
Papa: Ah yoh mama it's Xiang Qin's motherhood was good not yours coz you didn't gave birth to the twins!
All laugh at Zhi Shu's mom joke...
Xiang Qin: Ei Ella when will you and Chun follow Chunnie?
C/E: Huh?
Mama: get hurry for your wedding so that Chunnie will have a baby sibling to play with!
Ella: Auntie! I don't want to get preggy again you don't know what curse it brought me when delivering Chunnie!
Chun: But that curse I gave you was so blissfull right!
Ella: Yup! but I hate your spell hmpf!(stick out her tongue)
Zhi Shu:(gave Chun a leave us alone look)
Chun: Ei! why don't we have some breakast for now my treat!
Mama:Ok! Xiang Qin I'll bring you some chicken sesame oil soup ok!
Xiang Qin: Xie xie mama!
Zhi Shu: This is the most beautiful gift you've given to me!
Xiang Qin: Zhi Shu I'm already a mother(tears rolled to her face) I can't believe this!
Zhi Shu: Don't cry! I also can't believe that I'm a father and blessed w/ 2 kids!
Xiang Qin: Chun Mei and Ah Bu got AiBi, Ah Jin and Christine got Cello while Chun and Ella got Chunnie and now us got Joey and Jessie!
Zhi Shu: Yes! this is our love story that has a happy ending!
Xiang Qin: Ending... you mean it's done? Why!? will the director going to finish our story?
Zhi Shu: No! this is only the part one ending... I love you Xiang Qin and I always will!
Xiang Qin: Zhi Shu I love you too also(kiss him on the lips)
Several days have past Xiang Qin was already discharge to the hospital while her twins were not coz Dr. Wu will examine them after that the twins were discharge, Xiang Qin was rested for 2weeks to nurse her twins so as Zhi Shu. after 2 weeks the new parents where back to works and they are really really busy...
Ella: NiNa have you seen Gan Gan?
NiNa: Well I think he is w/ Qi Tai and Zhi Yi
Ella: Well tell Gan Gan to see me at Dr. Wu's office right away when you see him ok!
NiNa: I will Nurse Chief Ella, ei when will you and Dr. Wu get married?
Ella:(smile) When we will have the date you'll be the first one to know ok!
NiNa: Hao! xie xie Nurse Chief Ella!
Ella:(nodded) don't forget to tell Gan Gan to see me ok!
NiNa: I will ma'am!
:Excuse me?
NiNa: Yes may I help you?
:I'm Gian Chen I'm a close friend of Ella Chen can I know what station is she in now?
NiNa: Oh! well she is in the office of Dr. Wu on the 2nd floor to the right next to Dr. Jiang's office!
Gian: Thanks and you are?
NiNa: I'm NiNa!(handshake)
Gian: Thanks NiNa(handshake and kissed her on the cheek) See you bye!
NiNa: Huh!(blushed as she watch the hansome guy's back faded when)
NiNa: Oh it's you guys!
Gan Gan: What was that hah NiNa?
NiNa: Gan! I think I found my one true love!!!
Zhi Yi: If you found that true love of yours tru that guy... then what about Chuan Jin?
Qi Tai: Isn't you and that freak on dating?
Gan Gan: True!
NiNa: Ah yoh Chuan Jin is boring!... Ei Gan Gan Nurse Ella just told me that to see her at Dr. Wu's office!
Gan Gan: Me? why?
NiNa: Well if you will go you will find out silly!
Xiang Qin: Gan Gan! why here Ella looks for you go now!
Gan Gan: Alright! Ei NiNa you owe the 3 of us something... bye!
Xiang Qin: What is that gender-bender telling?
Qi Tai: NiNa got a new boyfriend!
Xiang Qin: NiNa! but I thought you and Chuan Jin are....
NiNa: Xiang Qin... that Chuan Jin weirdo is boring besides Gian Chen is more interesting than that weirdo!
Xiang Qin: Gian Chen.... WHAT... YOU MET GIAN CHEN!!(shocked)
NiNa: Yup!
Xiang Qin: NiNa! didn't you know that Gian Chen is Dr. Wu's rival coz he used to be the father of Chunnie and then Ella told to Chun that Gian is Chunnie's father that's why Chunnie's name is Chunnie Chen Chen but then it turns out that Dr. Wu is the real father of Chunnie!
Xiang Qin: Bu shi le! they are not married Ella pretended to Chun that she married Gian who is Chun's rival before!
NiNa: I don't care besides Nurse Ella already going to get married to Dr. Wu so Gian will have no chance!
Xiang Qin: Ei! since where you told Gian Chen what is he doing here?
NiNa: Well he is looking for Nurse Ella so I told him that she is on Dr. Wu's office on the 2nd floor and...
Qi Tai: What shall we do?
Xiang Qin: inform Ella that Gian Chen is coming to Dr. Wu's office now!
Qi Tai: Ok!

Oh my! what will happen if Chun and former rival Gian Chen met up what will Ella do... hurry Qi Tai inform Ella now!


So Qi Tai called Ella to inform that Gian Chen is coming..
Ella: WHAT!!!
Chun: Ei! what's wrong?
Ella: Gian is coming here!
Chun: Let him in so I'll get to tear up his face(his face started to fire up)
Ella: Chun!(pulled him close to her)kiss me now!
Chun:What! why kiss you?
Ella: Just kiss me ok!
Chun:(kissed her pasionately then..) What now?
Ella: promise me when he arrive you'll be as calm as you can please honey get the hold of your self please(started to have watery eyes)
Chun:(couldn't say no to her) I promise I'll be as calm as you wanted to be!(gave a assured smile)
Ella: That's my boy!(gave Chun a 5sec. passionate kiss)
Then Gian arrive and to his surprise he saw his rival Chun..
Gian: So the bastard is here!
Chun: You!(his face was in glared of fire)
Ella: Chun! you promised!
Gian: Ella can we talked?
Chun: If you want to talk then talk!
Gian: Alone!
Chun: WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT FROM HER HAH!(his face is burning up and then explode in anger)
Ella: CHUN!!
Ella: WILL THE TWO OF YOU CALM DOWN THIS IS A HOSPITAL NOT AN ARENA!(she shouted)Chun let go of Gian NOW! same as you Gian let go! LET GO OF MY HUSBAND NOW!(she ordered him w/ a force on her tone)
Chun and Gian just stared at each other angrily but Gian was in shock to hear what Ella say to him and then he spoke up
Gian: You'll marry this bastard! Ella are you out of your mind!
Ella:(pulled Chun back w/ all her force) Yes! you heared me right I'm going to get marry to this bastard you calling besides he is my son's father
Gian: But he will....
Ella: Gian please you know how much I love Chun, and I assured you that he won't hurt me again!
Gian: Speak for your self!(he ordered Chun)
Chun: I Wu Ji Zhun assured that I won't hurt the person standing next to me w/ all my heart I will die w/ the person who is standing next to me!
Ella:(tears started to flow) Gian... aren't you going to be happy w/ me?
Gian:(gave Chun his hand to assured and to end the coldwar that occured to the 3 of them) I know how you woo Ella for the past 7yrs... I gave my blessing to you please make her happy and let her live to a blissful life Chun!
Chun: I assured you w/ that Gian(gave a brotherly hug to him when..)
Gan Gan: Can I come... wwwhhhhhoooo!!!(shock) DDD...Dr. Wu... wha.... Nurse Chief Ella your going to get married to Dr. Wu who is also like me??
Ella: Ah yoh Gan Gan.. hahahaha... Chun is not like you and will never be like you!
Gan Gan: Oh my I thought He will also be like me... I'm scared, ei by the way why calling me up?
Ella: Right! I want you to nurse a patient at room 309 this patient is suffering from an accident she was already given a major operation like to what Qi Tai's patient before she never want to have a theraphy becoz of some trauma!
Gan Gan: Why me?
Chun: come on Gan Gan she won't harm you besides she don't have a hemmoroid on her butt your just going to nurse her and persue her to take the theraphy treatment that's all!
Gan Gan: If that was Dr. Wu and Nurse Chief Ella wants then perhaps I'll do it
So Gan Gan went to room 309 and met up his new patient when he saw some male nurses and patients looking at room 309 and he ask
Gan Gan: Why are you all here?
Intern Nurse male1: This patient is really cute, I wish I was the nurse who will assist her, God she's like angel fallen to the sky!
Intern Nurse male2: Who ever that nurse will take care of her will be fallen inlove w/ this girl!
Gan Gan: Really(started to think) Well not me duh!(End of POV) what's the name?
Patient male1: "QIAOKELI"
Intern Nurse3: Who ever that nurse I'll kill him!
Gan Gan: What!? alright go back to your patients now! that's my patient you amatuers!
Intern Nurse male4: NNNYYYAAAHHH! Nurse II OuYang Gan! guys lets go!!
Gan Gan: Hi! your QiaoKeLi right! I'm OuYang Gan I will be you nurse for the rest as you recover from your operation(smile)
QiaoKeLi: A gender-bender nurse how pathetic!
Gan Gan: Wei how!!!
QiaoKeLi: I'm sorry I don't care wherther your a girl a male of a gender-bender... besides you will just lose your hard works like those other nurses!
Gan Gan: Why?
QiaoKeLi: What's the use can't you see(uncover her legs) SEE THIS I CAN'T WALK, I WANT TO STUDY BUT I CAN'T SEE THIS!!(started to cry)
Gan Gan: please don't cry... you have me ok! we will work together ok!
QiaoKeLi: You promise!
Gan Gan: I promise if you promise me that you will also do your best so that you will have you theraphy as I do my part w/ all my best hao bu hao!
QiaoKeLi: Hao! xie xie Gan Gan!
Gan Gan: That's my patient!
Gan Gan and QiaoKeLi work together to forget the trauma and to be ablefor her to walk and have that Theraphy... naughty NiNa followed Gan Gan and thought that Gan Gan and QiaoKeLi are having a new romance in the air... after Gan Gan done to his work...
NiNa: I smell something fishy right now!
Qi Tai: Perhaps the food that Zhi Yi has eaten!(burst in laughter)
Zhi Yi: Why me Qi Tai(hit him playfully)
NiNa: Ah Yoh It smells like love!
Qi Tai: You just said smells like fish but now it smells like love NiNa your weird!
NiNa: Whatever... Ei Gan Gan... so how is you dealing w/ that new patient?
Gan Gan: You mean QiaoKeLi?
NiNa: so that's her name how cute!
Gan Gan:(sense NiNa's dirty mind) That is not what you think I still want to persue my affection and wooness to Dr. Wu you know!
Qi Tai: OuYang Gan you will have no chance to woo Dr. Wu anymore coz he is already a father and you know your rival is Nurse Chief Ella who is one of the most beautiful and youngest Chief Nurse stupid!
NiNa: So how did you made that cute girl life blissful?
Gan Gan: Shut up NiNa she is only my patient!
NiNa: I sense that someone here will give up his gender-bender thing into a fully male guy!
Gan Gan: Shut your mouth I won't ask Nurse Ella to let you woo her hansdsome friend Gian Chen and let that Chuan Jin horrorizing your life hmpf!
NiNa: Your bad Gan Gan your really bad(Chase him)

So this Gan Gan will have feeling for his patient QiaoKeLi stay tuned!!!


One Saturday Morning...

Chunnie: Mommy... Daddy.... wake up... mommy daddy wake up!!!
Ella: What is it Chunnie?
Chunnie: You promise me something!
Chun: What did mommy promise you?(as he put his arms to Ella's waist while they were still wanting to sleep)
Chunnie:(cross his little arms and raise his eyebrows) MOMMY AND DADDY FORGOT THAT THEY WILL BRING ME TO THE PARK TODAY!(yelled his parents)
Ella: Oh!(looked at Chun) what day is it now?
Chun: Saturday I guess!
Ella: Alright! I'll prepare your shirt Chunnie and we will go to the park ok!(still sleepy and turned to Chun and put her arms around Chun)
Chunnie: AH YOH!!! MOMMY DADDY DON'T GO TO SLEEP!!!(starting to hit his daddy's shoulder) DADDY... MOMMY...
Chun: Alright! mommy and I are awake!(stand up to bed)
Chunnie: Mommy!
Ella: Ok1 mommy is also awake!
Chun: You little brat come here(grab his son and tickled him) you wouldn't allow mommy and I to have a wonderful time together hah!
Chunnie: daddy... stop..... hahahahahahaha(laugh and giggled)
Chun: You gonna pay Chunnie! hah!(he swung his son and immediately went to the bathroom)
Meanwhile Ella went to Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu's room
Ella: Hey new mom! what's the commotion?
Xiang Qin: Oh! I thought this is easy!
Ella:(looked at her cozin) Xiang Qin did you get to sleep or not?
Xiang Qin: Zhi Shu and I didn't get to sleep the twins are always crying(yawning)
Ella: Where is Zhi Shu?
Xiang Qin: Down stairs mama is teaching him how to bath our twins!
Ella: And what are you doing here shoudn't you be also down stairs to see how autie is bathing your babies!
Xiang Qin: Alright!
Chunnie: Hi mommy Xiang Qin!(he call Xiang Qin mommy coz she is already a mom so as Zhi Shu he calls him daddy)
Xiang Qin: Ei! give mommy Xiang Qin a hug!... so where is Chunnie going?
Chunnie: Daddy and Mommy will bring me to the park today!
Xiang Qin: Oh!
Chunnie: Mommy Xiang Qin if baby Joey and Jessie grew up will you take them to the park also?
Xiang Qin: of course me and your daddy Zhi Shu will take them to the park teach them how to talk and....
Ella: Ok! Chunnie is daddy ready?
Chunnie: Yup... go now mommy we will be late!(pushing his mom out to Xiang Qin's room) mommy Xiang Qin if baby Joey and Jessie will go to the park can I come too?
Xiang Qin: Of course Chunnie can come also so baby Joey and Jessie will got to play w/ you!(smile)
Chunnie: Yes! thank you!!! mommy let's go ok!
Downstairs Zhi Shu look on how his mom bathing the twins his mom now is carrying Joey,while Jessie was still asleep on his arms then Xiang Qin came down and saw her hubby w/ Jessie(by the way the family can easily distinguish the twins coz Jessie looks like the mini Zhi Shu as Joey looks like the mini version of Xiang Qin)
Xiang Qin: laogong abit sleepy(she touched Zhi Shu's back)
Zhi Shu: Abit!
Xiang Qin: I'll carry Jessie for you jst take some rest!
Zhi Shu: It's ok come and watch mama bath Joey so next time the 2 of us will do this ok!
Xiang Qin: alright... mama how is Joey to you?
Mama: Joey is a good boy he didn't cry! he loves water isn't it Joey!
Xiang Qin: Sweetie mommy is here... granny is bathing you... oh! you like it...(smiled)
Mama:(lift Joey and cover him immediately) Xiang Qin why don't you put on Joey's clothes ok!
Xiang Qin: Yes mama!(carry her son) Sweetie mommy is going to put some nice and warm suit to you... yes mommy will put it on you(the baby just made a cute sound means he like it) such a good boy!(after finishing he went to Zhi Shu who is learning to bath Jessie) wow laogong your doing fine!
Zhi Shu: Jessie daddy will going to clean you!!... you like me bathing you right!!!
Then Chun, Ella and Chunnie came down
Chunnie: Hi! mommy Xiang Qin(looked at Joey) wow Joey is clean now!
Xiang Qin: Yup!(crouch slowly) can you kiss him!
Chun:(carried his son) let me carry Chunnie so that you won't crouch down!
Zhi Shu: All done... what a good girl!(dressing his daughter)
Ella: Wow Zhi Shu! your good!
Chunnie: Daddy!
Chun: Yes little guy?
Chunnie: When will you and mommy going to have another baby.. I want a baby sibling now!
Chun:(looked at Ella and raise his eyebrows) Well?
Ella: Chunnie! remember the story I told you how mommy got so much pain when you came out... you said that no more pain mommy will felt right!
Chun:Your just afraid by my beautiful spell Ella!(smirked smile)
Ella: That spell gives me a very painful curse but it ended up just fine! hihihihihi!!!
Mama: Oh yeh I notice that you 3 are all dress up.. where are you going?
Chun: Chunnie want's to go to the park so we will bring him there!
Ella: and we will tried to enroll him to primary school!
Mama: why don't you enter him to Zhi Shu, Xiang Qin and Yu Shu's university...
Chun: Your right! so we can easily fetch him up!
Chunnie: I'm going to school now!
Ella: Yup! your going to be 3 right! big boys will go to school!
Chunnie: Mommy! next week will be my birthday... I want to celebrate it w/ the children on your hospital!
C/E/XQ/Mama/ZS: Huh!(surprise on Chunnie's words)
Ella: Why there?
Chunnie: To play w/ them and make them happy! is it bad?
Chun: No Chunnie! your idea is good! ok! we will plan for that!
After Chun, Ella and Chunnie went out
Mama: I really adore Chunnie very much! Ella let him grew very good, she is hands on to Chunnie that's why he grew very polite and a very good boy!
Xiang Qin: Though later Chunnie knows that his father is Chun he accepted him w/o any hesitation! Zhi Shu I'm glad that Chun is your bestfriend... he is such a very responsible person!
Yu Shu: Ei! mama where is Chunnie?
Mama: Oh he is w/ his parents they went to the park!
Xiang Qin: Are you going to Hao Mei's house?
Yu Shu: Yup! I promise her to watch "Fahrenheit" concert at 3pm but since its only 9am guess we have to go to the mall!
Xiang Qin: "Fahrenheit!" Zhi Shu do you remember who was the famous boyband at that time?
Zhi Shu: "5566!"
Xiang Qin: I really like Tony Sun Xie Zhi!!!
Yu Shu: Yah! that cause my first crush turned me down stupid Xiang Qin!
Xiang Qin: Ei!!! right who does Hao Mei preffered?
Yu Shu: How would I know I'm not interested to boybands!
Mama: He's interested to girl bands like S.H.E. hihihihihi!!!
Yu Shu: Ma!(shouted)
Zhi Shu: He preffered Hebe Tian Fu Zhen!!!
Yu Shu: Ge! shame on you!!
Xiang Qin: I like Han Bao and Xiao Chun the looked really good together in "Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu!"
Yu Shu: Hao Mei likes Xiao Chun and Ariel Lin she likes to watch "Tokyo Juliet!" she said ChunRiel
Xiang Qin: Hanbao and Xiao Chun is more popular!
Mama: What about Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin... they are good infact "It Started w/ a Kiss" has it's sequal called "They Kissed Again" it's really good ArJoe is a very nice couple!
Zhi Shu: Huh!
Xiang Qin: Mama... ah yoh... you watch that?
Mama: Not only I but Papa also watch that it's very sweet!
Zhi Shu: Enough of it! Xiang Qin let's get this twins to sleep!
Xiang Qin: alright! Yu Shu if you can grab a poster of Fahrenheit give me one ok!
Yu Shu: Ok! got to go! bye Joey and Jessie uncle will go out the I will bring Auntie Hao Mei here!(touch the tiny hands of the twins)

The next episode.. is Yu Shu and Hao Mei's first date as official couple (boyfriend and girlfriend )


Yu Shu fetch Hao Mei to their house while their hand are lock w/ each other then Hao Mei said....

Hao Mei: Are we official?
Yu Shu: what official?!
Hao Mei: this relationship, as lovers!
Yu Shu: What can you see?(a bit irritated)
Hao Mei: Alright I won't talk anymore(she took of her hands to Yu Shu's hands)let's walk faster the bus will be there any minute now!(sad)
Yu Shu:(runs to his girlfriend and hug her from behind and said) Yes! we are officially called as lovers or whatsoever please don't runaway from me ok!
Hao Mei:(was stunned to Yu Shu's action but she likes it) I won't Yu Shu!!!
Yu Shu:(turned his bao bei to face him and touch her face and kissed her for 5sec.) I'll always love you!
Hao Mei: I will too(and smiled)
Yu Shu: Let's go!!(hold his bao bei's hand and then they run fast)
Hao Mei: Just like Xiang Qin Jie and Zhi Shu Ge right!!!
Yu Shu: Right!! hahahahaha!!
Soon they ride on the bus and went to the mall they had their first memorable date at the mall interlocking their hands together and smiling so sweetly the two of them are looking so good together when someone notice them...
:Yu Shu!!
YS/HM: Huh!
Chun Mei: Oh!! Yu Shu it is you!
Yu Shu: Great!
Hao Mei: who is she?
Yu Shu: Stupid Sao Sao's friend!
Chun Mei: Wei! ei is she you bao bei?
Yu Shu: Your seeing right!
Chun Mei: Wow! your like Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin sequal!!!
Hao Mei: Ei! who is this little girl?
Yu Shu: this is Ai Bi Chun Mei's daughter!
Ai Bi: Uncle Yu Shu!! you bao bei is cute as me!!(giggled)
Yu Shu: Yup as cute as you!
Ai Bi: where is Chunnie?
Yu Shu: Chunnie is in the park w/ his parents!
Chun Mei: I think Ai Bi likes Chunnie alot...
Ah Bu: Hey! oh Yu Shu hello! are the 2 of you will shop here?
Yu Shu: Oh no! we are just doing window shopping coz later we will go to "One Stadium" to watch Fahrenheit and S.H.E. first concert together!
Chun Mei: daddy! I want to watch that concert together please!
Ah Bu: Then let's go watch them together if it is ok for you?
Yu Shu: Not a problem to me!
They arrive at "One Stadium" where the Fahrenheit and S.H.E concert venue be held actually it is only a mini concert not an actual concert coz the actual concert is on 09-30-2008... so ok they are in middle spot sit and as you can picture Ah Bu is holding his daughter and placed her on his shoulder so she can easily see the artist, while Chun Mei is beside him and also Yu Shu and Hao Mei, soon the concert starts w/ a clash and bangs of the dancers.. then Fahrenheit and S.H.E appears in their Suan Tian silver outfit of course singing the song "Suan Tian", followed by the song Xiao Chun and Hanbao stared at each other sweetly as the fans screams while the rest of Fahrenheit and S.H.E. where singing and laughing to what their co-members doing
Xiao Dong: Xiao Chun and Han Bao so sweety!!
Hebe: Xiao C look they are sweet!
Selina: Let's do the same Xiao Dong!
Xiao C: Ask Xiao Lun about it Hebe!!!
Then after their opening song it was followed by a very heart warming song "Xie Xie Ni De Wen Rou" again Xiao Chun and Han Bao are in their own world again... then Xiao Chun holds Han Bao's waist closed to him and acts as if he will kiss her then Xiao Dong shouted... "WWWEEEEIIII!!!" that made the fans go crazy wild.... after the song Fahrenheit appeared again singing 2 Japanese songs called "Stay w/ You" and "Treasure" at the side of the stage Han Bao was dancing like a lunatic but cute, followed by the song "Bu Hui Ai" Xiao Lun and Xiao Dong made the solo and grabbed Hebe and Selina... after that S.H.E.'s turn they sang "Super Star", "Boom" and "Jie Kuo" well Han Bao made a rap but it wasn't the original rap of the song and made it a rap of confession of love to her Xiao Chun it goes like this...(sorry just imagine it was ok)
Han Bao's Rap of Love to Xiao Chun(Jie Kuo style)
"My Love for Xiao Chun is Heaven and Earth
It's like Taiwan to Brunei crossing Philippines... ahahaha!!
We started in Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu... rumors are everywhere...
Lin Lan Shui(Ariel Lin) came, Xiao Mai(Shao Han) is there
and a girl name Ah Sa was flirting but Lu Rui Xi... that's me is the best hahaha!!!"
Xiao Chun on the other side was really laughing hard as the 3 Fahrenheit where doing beat box. then Han Bao made a solo again singing the song "Qiang Qiang" a song for her pet dog(PUG) who died... the song brought fans solemnly and then Xiao Chun surprisingly sang the 2nd stanza of the song that made fans scream in joy.... lastly for the closing song Fahrenheit and S.H.E. sang the song "Xin Wo" and the concert was really a memorable one, The artists thanked the fans who came to their mini concert.
After the concert, Hao Mei and Chun Mei really did enjoy the show so as Ai Bi singing the song "Xin Wo"
Ah Bu: wow! you know the tune ha Ai Bi!
Ai Bi: I like that song daddy!
Yu Shu: did you enjoy the show?
Hao Mei: I really enjoy it thanks!
Chun Mei: Oh! how sweet!

End of Yu Shu and Hao Mei's story..


One early morning...

Chun: Ella... Ella...(trying to wake her up)
Ella:(still sleepy).. urh.. what? it's early!
Chun: Take a shower now hurry!
Ella: Why? I'm still sleepy... give me 5 more mins ok!
Chun: Fine I'll go take a shower first, then you follow ok!
Ella: Sure!(go back to sleep)
At the dining room
Mama: Ei Zhi Shu Xiang Qin why so early it's your day off why?
Xiang Qin: Today we will let Chun and Ella buy some stuffs for their wedding day!
Mama: Hah! then we should prepare for this!
Zhi Shu: Today is their wedding ceremony!
Papa: What! but..
Zhi Shu: We will just go to a judge to let them get married and after that we will let them register as husband and wife so that Chunnie will legally use Chun's name!
Xiang Qin: Ella and Chun told us that the school needs a marriage certificate of them so that Chunnie can enroll to our school.
Mama: Oh! then I should call your father(Ah Cai) to prepare foods for their event!
Zhi Shu: No need we'll just treat them to the restaurant and then go to our school so that tomorrow Chunnie will go to school!
Mama: Then let me buy some school supplies for Chunnie ok!
Zhi Shu: Isn't it buying school stuffs is Chunnie's parents duty?
Ella: No problem since auntie wants to buy school supplies for Chunnie then let her buy!
Yu Shu: I'll come and bring Chunnie also so that he can choose what will he like!
Chun: Good then we are off.. see you tonight!
Papa: Take care!
Xiang Qin: Ma! kiss Joey and Jessie for us ok!
Mama: Hao le!
Ella: Yu Shu if Chunnie wokes up crying and finding us tell him that we where at his school to be ok!
Yu Shu: No problem.. I'll just check him up!
At the mall
Ella is trying to fit some clothes a nice clothes for their wedding and Xiang Qin was trying to help her..
Xiang: Wow cozin it fits you well(looking at her cozin wearing a white tube gown)
Ella: Ah yoh! I don't like this it's to formal and I feel really fat in here(stickingout her tongue)
Xiang Qin: but your not fat it suits you well!
Chun:Honey try this!(handing a white dress exposing the shoulder.. the one that Selina Ren wears in "Suan Tian mv", and a white fitted pants)
Ella: Huh! alright!
after fitting what Chun picked her to wear
Ella: So how is this?
Xiang Qin: Ella you look so good!
Chun: It fits you well honey!(smile)
Xiang Qin: Wow! Chun has a good taste on clothes right Zhi Shu!
Zhi Shu: Yup! so is that dress you going to pick?
Ella: Yup! ei Chun have you pick your clothes already?
Chun: I'm wearing it now(a white polo and a black pants imagine the white polo he wears during "Hana Kimi" promotion)
Ella: Wow my husband to be really is good at picking clothes(giggled)
Soon they arrive at the city hall and the judge let them get married, as they recite their vows..(background music Chu Dian by SHE)
Chun: I Wu Ji Zun take this lovely lady infront of me(smile) Ella Chen Jia Hua to be my wife, cherish every single moment w/ her for the rest of our life and take care of our little son...
Ella: I Ella Chen Jia Hua, take this handsome man standing infront of me to be my husband, cherish every moment w/ him for the rest of our life and be a good mother to our little son..
: Then you can exchange your rings and by the power that they gave me I now pronounce you as husband and wife.. Gong Xi Ni Mr. Wu Ji Zun and Mrs. Ella Chen Wu.. gong xi..
Xiang Qin: Chun! kiss Ella now!
Chun: Oh! your finally be called as Mrs. Wu
Ella: Yup! I am Mrs. Wu now(giggled)
Xiang Qin: Chun kiss Ella now kuai che na!!
Ella: Wei! your not the one who is marrying it ....(before she can finish her words Chun kiss her so passionately)
Xiang Qin: Ah Zhi Shu look at them they are so happy now!
Zhi Shu: I wish them all the best!
Chun:(after he kissed Ella) I will always love and cherish you Ella!
Ella: Hmpf! I know you love my and cherish my body as always hahaha!
Chun: So we will have that second time!
Ella: I'm hungry!
Zhi Shu: come let's celebrate I've already set a table for us 4 let's go!
C/E: Yup! let's go!
After the simple celebration, they went to the university and they enrolled Chunnie at the school, later that night Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin went to their twins room
Xiang Qin: They are so adorable right!
Zhi Shu: I'm glad your my wife, and finally Ella and Chun are now to be called as legall parent of Chunnie!
Xiang Qin: I wonder will Chun be had a second time w/ Ella?
Zhi Shu:(smile) I know Chun will force Ella to have a second time w/ him(laughed)
Xiang Qin: Yup!(laugh)
At Chun And Ella's room
Ella:(finished take a shower) Ei honey where is Chunnie?
Chun:(closed the book he was reading) well I let him sleep w/ Yu Shu coz I told our child to us have some time together so he agreed to it!
Ella:hmpf... I smell something fishy...
Chun:(got up to bed and pulled Ella closer to him) Let's give Chunnie a sibling ok!
Ella:(pushed Chun away from her) No! I'm tired I want to sleep!
Chun: come on Ella we are officially married!
Ella: WO BU YAO?
Chun: Wei sha me?
Ella: I'm tired!
Chun: hmpf..(carriend Ella from behind and started ti tickle her onthe bed) I will not allow you hah!!
Ella: Chun.. hahahah... stop it!!(laugh)
Chun: No! I will not stop till you gave up!(tickle her)
Ella: Alright(laugh) I give up.. you can have that second time your saying to me ok(laugh)
Chun:(stop tickling her) wow good girl(Chun was already on top of Ella who is only wearing a bathrobe)
Ella:(kissed him) I love you Chun, please stay w/ me w/ our son please!
Chun: I'll always be w/ you and never ever let you 2 go(kissed her so passionately and then you know what's next... Chun gently pulled Ella's and took it off away from her body.. then..)
Ella: I miss this dazzling thing!
Chun: I know, promise I'll be gentle, as gentle as a pillow(laugh)
Ella:(laugh) I know your touch is as gentle as a pillow.. hahaha(turned the light's off)

hahahaha! It`s really  good Chun and Ella had their second time around.


One morning Ella felt something heavy lying on her body then suddenly she just smile, it was her husband Chun lying on her body, she just glance at her husband's beautiful face and she also remember the most beautiful night happened to them, she brushed her husbands hair gently and said..

Ella: Finally I am now Mrs. Wu Ji Zun..(giggled)I'm the most luckiest girl in the world, marrying w/ him hah! that broom stick girl will have no chance w/ him now coz I Ella is married to him(giggled again) I'm so happy(then notice a silent chuckle she saw on Chun and she pinch him on the nose and said) Ah yoh! your awake!
Chun:hehehe... so my wife is mumbling something hope you weren't mumbling how you snor so loud!
Ella: Pai tuo! I'm not snoring! Chun know what I love that night we did!
Chun: So you wanna have some more tonight!?
Ella: If I will let you have a third round w/ me will you be as gentle as a pillow again?
Chun: Baby! I can give you the most gentle of gentleness you've ever want! how about as gentle as a satin!
Ella: Hmpf!
Chun:(pulled Ella) let's have this 3rd round now!
Ella: Huh?!
Chun rolled on the bed pulling Ella and place her under him and as the scene goes by they ended up falling on the bed making Chun on top and Ella under him when Chun was about to kiss her someone knock on the door a loud knock was heard w/ matching kicking the door.
Chunnie: MOMMY... MOMMY... DADDY... DADDY...
Ella: was that Chunnie?
Chun: Why will Chunnie be knocking like that?!
Ella: how would I know, open the door now!
Chun: But..
Ella:(raised her eyebrow) I let you have a third time w/ me if you open the door now!
Chun: But honey how em I supposed to open the door if I look like this(indicating to his wife that his naked)
Ella: Well honey let me do it for you.. get off of me right now and I will open the door!
Chun:(chuckeled) But your not gonna go and open the door like that!
Ella: Why not?
Chun: Honey your also naked as me!
Ella: hhhoooo!!! I am naked don't I?
Chun: Yup! your naked that's why I want you more(smirked smile)
Ella:(raised her I eyebrow) Well I'm not the only one who's naked here hahaha!
Ella: I'll go change!
Chun: Alright I'll just go to shower ok!(kiss her on the lips)
Ella: Yup!
Chunnie: mommy and daddy... didn't open the door yet hmpf... are they going to give me a baby sibling hihihih!!!
Ella:(heard what her son saying) you little devil who told you that?
Chunnie: Mommy!
Ella:(carry her son) so how is my little boy? did you sleep well?
Chunnie: Ah yoh! mommy I'm going to be thwee on friday you keep on calling me baby boy!
Ella: Why aren't you daddy and mommy's little boy! oh right your birthday is on friday so as your daddy!
Chunnie: You mean daddy and me have the same birthday?
Ella: Yup! and let mommy tell you that when me and daddy are still in college I let him be my boyfriend during his birthday!
Chun: And that is one of the most precious gift mommy ever give to daddy!
Chunnie: wow! how sweet mommy and daddy was.. but what is the most precious gift mommy gave to you?
Chun: well... let me think....(sit beside Ella and carry Chunnie)mommy's precious gift to me was you, was having you as my son and I couldn't ask for more!
Chunnie: but I want to have a little brother or sister? I want to be called big brother?
Ella: But your already a big brother Chunnie, your a big brother to Auntie Xiang Qin and Uncle Zhi Shu's babies Joey and Jessie!
Chunnie: But I want more, the many the merrier!
E/C:(burst in laugh) hahahahaha!!!
Chun: Well then mommy and daddy should work on that hard!
Ella: Huh?
Chunnie: I'll go ask pretty granny to fix my school stuff coz I will go to school now!
Ella: Oh right it 's your first day of school!
Chun: I'll go change my suit now, Chunnie you go w/ pretty granny and let her put you school uniform and fix your school bag mommy and I will prepare for your school day ok!
Chunnie: Ok!
After 30 mins
Xiang Qin: Wow this is your first day going to school Chunnie!
Mama: Isn't he look adorable on his uniform! I remember when Yu Shu wears this uniform during his kinder days!
Chun: Let's go!
Ella: Oh! cozin you and Zhi Shu come w/ us now
Zhi Shu: Alright! Ma the twins are sleeping and when they are awake let them take a bath first and then I left a boosting medicine on our table let them drink that medicine ok!
Mama: Got it!
Soon they arrive in the school and met..
Ah Jin: Xiang Qin.... Xiang Qin...
Xiang Qin: Ah... Ah Jin...
Ah Jin: Hi... great! I smell some evil force here bleh!!
Ella: What are you blabbering monkey guy!
Ah Jin: Ella...oh the muscle guy is here!
Chunnie: Uncle this is my daddy!
Ah Jin: Huh! this big guy is your daddy... ei are you the guy namely Chen that's why Chunnie's name is Chunnie Chen Chen?
Zhi Shu: Stupid! Ella only made that up! Chunnie's real name is actually the same name as Dr. Wu Ji Zun here!
Ah Jin: Ah! your Dr. Wu Ji Zun... ei how did you ended up being a friend of this evil force Xiang Qin married too?
Xiang Qin: Wei!!
Christine: Hello nice to see you here!
Christine: Chunnie will also study here?
Chun: Yup!
Christine: Oh hey Chun gong xi!!
Chun: Xie xie!!
Ah Jin: Ei whats w/ all the gong xi to Ella and Chun?
Christine: Honey Chun and Ella got married yesterday!
Ah Jin: Oh! gong xi!!
Cello: Hi Chunnie ge!
Chunnie: Hi Cello!
Chun Mei: Xiang Qin!
Ella: Is that your friend Chun Mei?
Ah Jin: Chun Mei... oh Chun Mei... hao jiu bu jian!
Chun Mei: Hi Ah Jin... oh who is this little girl?
Ah Jin: this is me and Christine's little Cello!
Chun Mei: Hi Cello wo shi Auntie Chun Mei.. oh this is my little Ai Bi
Ai Bi: Hi Cello, hi Chunnie!
C/C: Ni Hao!!
Xiang Qin: Ei Ah Bu zai na li?
Chun Mei: work!
Ella: Is Ai Bi study here?
Chun Mei: Yup she will be at class A
Ella: Oh great Chunnie is in class A too ei Ah Jin how about Cello?
Ah Jin: class A also!
Chunnie: mommy daddy! Cello and Ai Bi will be my classmates right?!
Chun: Yup!
Chunnie: then I have friends now! yyiippeee!!
Zhi Shu: Well then let's get them into their class so that we can go to our works now!
Chun: Right!
Chun Mei: Ei! why don't I take them to class coz I'm going to be their class co-teacher!(smile)
Ah Jin: Hah? your going to teach... what will you teach to them you know that Chunnie's IQ level is 160 than an average child!
Ella: Well Chun Mei is alot more better than you!
Ah Jin; Ella you always embarass me to my family ah yoh!
Ella: just joking silly monkey!
Chun: Alright.. Chunnie just obey whatever teacher Chun Mei have to say ok! mommy and i will fetch you after class ok!
Chunnie:(two thubs up) OK!
Ah Jin: Cello listen to teacher Chun Mei ok.. come give DaDa and Mommy a hug!
Cello:(hugs her parents)
Chun Mei: let's go now! see you guys!
Ah Jin: right Christine and I will go back to Happy House now see you! Ella, Xiang Qin, Chun.. and neh! forget it!(preffering to Zhi Shu)
Zhi Shi: stupid guy(giggled)
Chun: Let's hurry last one is a sissy(run fast)
Ella: hah! I can you'll be sorry for this Chun I'm a sprinter before(runs faster than Chun)
Zhi Shu: don't wanna be called a sissy!(runs behind Ella)
Xiang Qin: Ei!! wait for me...(runs behind Zhi Shu)

The 2 pairs are so silly running at the school...
Chunnie, Cello and Ai Bi had their first day of school so cute see you next chapter...


NiNa: come on Gan Gan tell me what happen(pulling his scrub suit)
Gan Gan: will stop buzzing around me I'm busy!
NiNa: but I want to know how is you and that patient namely QiaoKeLi?
Gan Gan: What do you want to know?
NiNa: the status of your relationship to her?!
Gan Gan: you wanna know hmpf!
Gan Gan: Alright! she... well.. urh... she's my patient!
NiNa: Ah yoh! Ouyang Gan if you don't tell me your real relationship w/ QiaoKeLi, I will ask her!
Gan Gan: is that a threath? Pai Tuo! go ask her and I gurantee you I ask Chief Ella to let Gian Chen go back to states and forget you! hah!
Zi Yi: Hey! Gan Gan I think your patient is calling you?
Gan Gan: Oh well got to go!
NiNa: Gan... ah yoh why is that gender-bender always secretive hmpf!
At QiaoKeLi's room
Gan Gan: Hello!
QiaoKeli:Oh!!! Hi Gan Gan!
Gan Gan: Did I disturb you?
QiaoKeLi: No not at all!(smile)
Gan Gan: How is your leg?
QiaoKeli: Getting better, oh I heard that nurse Xiang Qin already gave birth to twins how is she and Dr. Jiang?
Gan Gan: They are good! anyway let's not talk about them your sister called up and said she and her husband will be here!
QiaoKeLi: Oh I see!!(turns sad)
Gan Gan: Why? what's wrong?
QiaoKeli: well it's about time my sister have shown up its been 5 yrs since she left and married that bastard!
Gan Gan: bastard... you mean your sister's husband! why?
QiaoKeli: Well the name of her husband was Jin Feng-Liang(Chun's name in Tokyo Juliet) he promised my sister Ruwee when he finished designing clothes he will marry her but instead we found out that he's been enggaige w/ that Lin Lan-Shui(Ariel's name in Tokyo Juliet) my sister was pregnant at that time and got into miscarraige when that Lian got enggaige w/ that Shui girl after that my sister left me so I stayed w/ my friend in the Philippines!
Gan Gan: You live in the Philippines?!
QiaoKeLi: No! I live here but my sister let me study in the Philippines while she went back here to finish culinary while that Liang went to PinTung to finished designing after that... Liang still wanted my sister so and my stupid sister loves him so much even if he done that to her she still wants to marry him!
Gan Gan: but aren't you happy... your sister is happy now!
QiaoKeLi: I'll be happy is I crushed the face of that Jin Feng-Liang in front of my sister that's when will I be happy!
Gan Gan: Hah! your abit weird!
QiaoKeLi: Yeh I guess so.. uhm.. Gan Gan is being weird ok ma?
Gan Gan: Huh? (started to POV) why do I feel weird today.. why is my heart beating so fast? Em I falling inlove w/ her? ah yoh OUYANG GAN PAI TUO YOU CANNOT FALL FOR HER YOUR A GAY BESIDES YOU STILL LOVE DR. WU AND DR. JIANG RIGHT... HAIZZ STUPID!!
QiaoKeLi: Gan Gan... Gan Gan... wei earth to Ouyang Gan!
Gan Gan: Huh! oh! being weird is funny! hehehe yeh funny!
Chunnie;ahahahahaha!!! cannot catch me... hahahahaha...
GG/QKL: whooohhh!!
Chunnie: aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!(scream in fear)
Gan Gan: wwee...weeii...(tries to calm Chunnie down) sshh!!
Chun Mei: Chun...nie... oh.. thank god your ok! you run so fast!(catching her breath)
Gan Gan: Aren't you Xiang Qin's friend?
Chun Mei: Yeh..(still catching her breath) thanks for seeing him!
Chunnie: Teacher this guy is a gender-bender!
Gan Gan: WEI.... WHO TOLD YOU THAT?(scolding the kid)
Chunnie:(watery eyes) wwaa...(tears starting to flow)
Chun Mei: Ah yoh! is Mrs. Ella Chen Wu here? Chunnie don't..
Chun: What's all the commotion here?
GG/Chun Mei: Chun.. Dr. Wu??
Chun: Well..?
Chunnie: DADDY...(runs to Chun)
Chun: Huh? Chunnie what are you doing here?
Gan Gan: Ei..
Chunnie: Daddy... this guy scoldeing me!(crying)
Chun: Well I'm sure nurse Gan Gan will not scold you if you didn't do something wrong, what did you do?
Chunnie: I call him gender-bender!
Chun: well calling him that is a big no! no!
Chunnie: why?
Chun: coz look at his eyes he is inlove w/ this girl(preffering to QKL)
Gan Gan: Huh?
Chunnie: Oh!
Chun: You should say sorry to him ok Chunnie!
Chunnie: I'm sorry!
Chun Mei: wow hao kan tong! Chunnie is such a good boy!
Gan Gan: Yup! Dr. Wu you did a good job making him grew so good!
Chun: Neh! Ella made him grew so obidient thanks to her and our son is such a good boy(tickled his son)
QiaoKeLi: Hi Dr. Wu!
Chun: Oh! hey QiaoKeLi.. how is the theraphy?
QiaoKeLi: Never better nurse Qi Tai and Dr. Tu said that in no time I can walk again!
Chun: That's good let me check your legs.. Chunnie I'll put you down first daddy will just going to check her ok!
Chunnie: I want him to to carry me(pointing to Gan Gan)
Chun: Gan Gan can you?
Gan Gan: No problem(carry Chunnie) you look like your daddy!
Chunnie: Is daddy going to heal your girlfriend?
Gan Gan: Huh! hahahaha! I guess so! Dr. Wu so how is her?
Chun: Your Nu peng you patient is ok nothing to worry!
QiaoKeLi: Dr. Wu he is only my nurse!
Gan Gan: Yup!
Chun: Alright! come Chunnie I'll bring you to mommy now!
Chunnie: alright! teacher Chun Mei, Ai Bi let's go!
Chun Mei: Hao! sweetie come to mommy.. bye Gan Gan and QiaoKeLi!
GG/QKL: bye!!

Gan Gan still denying hmpf! anyway see you next chapter..


Happy Birthday to Wu Ji Zun... whoah already 29... still handsome and yummylicious.

Ella was preparing all the stuffs needed for the party of her son and what she is doing now is wrapping some gifts for her son and to her husband, while she was doing that all can see to her eyes is joy and gladness, after finishing wrapping the gifts she hide the gifts she will give to Chun at the closet for a surprise, when a man sleeping on the bed felt that his wife is nowhere to be found beside him so he woke up and saw Ella sitting on the couch
Ella: oh hey honey! Zao an!
Chun: zao! Ella why...(yawning)why wake up this early?
Ella:(pulled her husband closed to her and wrapped her arms across his neck) Why! coz I'm preparing for our son's 3rd birthday and also.."Happy Birthday Chun"(kiss him for 5 sec)
Chun: Oh! I see..(carry his wife and swung like a bride in the air)
Ella: Oh! Chun... stop it I feel dizzy now!
Chun: Thanks honey for the greeting!
Ella: I should be the one who's thanking you!
Chun: Huh! why?
Ella: 5 things in this world why I must thanking you!
Chun: Really... tell me!
Ella: Well... 1st for God is so good he brought you into this world, 2nd he let me met you and let you be my friend, 3rd for being my boyfriend and let me live like a queen, 4th you gave me Chunnie, if it wasn't for that we would have a son like him, 5th he made Chunnie be our bridge ro regain our relationship and you also married me(started to cry) now that my life is so blissful w/ you I cannot ask for more.. Chun I won't let you go... I won't allow you to leave me leave us again!
Chun: Ella listen to me(wipe her tears) I spent the whole 3yrs of my life not having you by my side, now that your here and we have a son I won't leave you two again, 2 things in the universe why I exist first to help people as a doctor, second is to be w/ you.. my whole entire life only exist w/ you, w/ our son and the people who needs my care as a doctor!
Ella: I love you Chun!
Chun: So em I will always love and cherish every moment we are together(kiss her passionately and so deeply)
Ella:(broke the kiss) Right! what is your plan for your birthday?
Chun: hmpf... since we haven't spend alot of time together after we got married why don't we spend our honeymoon across Asia how is that!
Ella: across Asia... you mean we will go to Europe! hah?
Chun: Yup! Paris will be lovely!
Ella: Pa... Pa... PARIS!!!(shocked)
Chun: Yup! I know you love to go there to see the Eiffel Tower!(smile)
(background music TiAmo)
Ti Amo
By: Aaron Yan and Jade Liu
Sui ran shi jian dan de xing rong
Sui ran shi chong fu de dong zuo
Yin wei you ni
Rang yi qie dou bian cheng bu ping fan
Hao xiang feng he ni wo shou xin
Jiu zhe yang qian zhu fang bu kai
You ni pei ban
Hu xi zhe you ni de kong qi
Jiu shi xing fu
Ti amo te quiero
Mei yi tian yao ai shang ni
Xiang zhe ni chen ru meng jing
Yi zheng yan yi qing xing
Di yi ge xiang dao you shi ni
Saranghae and I love you
Wo mei tian dou yao ai shang ni
Shao yi tian jiu hui yi han
Pei zhe ni de guang yin
Zen yang dou bu suan cuo tuo
Hao xiang feng he ni wo shou xin
Jiu zhe yang qian zhu fang bu kai
You ni pei ban
Hu xi zhe you ni de kong qi
Jiu shi xing fu
Repeat Chorus
Pei zhe ni de guang yin
Yong yuan dou jue de bu gou
Ella: Oh my... you already planned it! Chun thank you!
Chun: it will be just you and me...(lay Ella on the couch and started to give her a very deep kiss)
Mama: Chun... Ella.. are you... oh! sorry!
E/C: Oh! what is it auntie?(blushed)
Mama: just like to greet you Chun a happy birthday!
Chun: Oh! xie xie auntie.. xie xie for taking good care of my wife and my son!
Mama; Ah yoh! it's nothing Ella and Chunnie is part of the family! alright i go down now and get all the stuffs for Chunnie's party see yah!
Xiang Qin: CCCHHHUUNN...(jump into Chun) Happy birthday! hehehehe!!!
Chun: Thanks Xiang Qin!
Ella: Ehem... ehem... wei Yuan Xiang Qin will you please don't do that to someone else husband!
Xiang Qin: Do what?
Ella: Get down now!
Xiang Qin: ah yoh! I just greeted Chunthat's all what would you be angry... oh don't tell me your jealous!
Ella: Yes! I am jealous and why would'nt I be jealous hah!
Xiang Qin: right! may I ask how many visitors should we need to invite?
Chun: well it's Chunnie's birthday party and he wanted all the kids from the infimary room to attend his birthday!
Xiang Qin: Oh! then I should let papa(Ah Cai) and Ah Jin to cooked a meal that kids would love!
Chun: Is Zhi Shu downstairs?
Xiang Qin: Yup! he is bathing the twins w/ me!
Ella: With you... then why are you here?
Xiang Qin: Oh! I will go down now! anyway Happy birthday Chun!
Soon they went all to the hospital except Yu Shu and Hao Mei coz they are assign to accompany Chunnie to school, as they arrive in the hospital they set all the birthday blings at the hospital rooftop, NiNa, Zi Yu, Qi Tai, Gan Gan and some other nurses help to fix the party ballons and prizes, while Zhi Shu, Xiang Qin went to the infimary room to check how many children are in each room, Mr. and Mrs. Jiang arrange the tables, while Ah Jin his wife and Ah Cai prepare all the kiddie foods, Ah Bu and his mom went also to help arrange the sound system, while Chun Mei arrange all her students(Chunnie's classmates)while Chun and Ella gave the students a free vaccine so that they won't get sick while playing w/ other sick children.

next up is Chunnie's party and ChuElla's first european trip..


The moment has come it's 11:00 in the morning and the party is starting, Chunnie was really happy coz his parents made his wish come true, everyone greeted him a happy birthday and everyone greeted him, but first
Ah Bu and Chun Mei who are the emcee of the event ask Chunnie what is his other birthday wish.

Chunnie: To be w/ mommy and daddy and to have a baby sibling!(giggled)
Ah Bu: Hah! surely mommy and daddy will work hard on that right Chun Mei!
Chun Mei: Yup!
Everyone laugh, then Ah Jin and Christine w/ Cello gave their birthday wish to Chunnie
Ah Jin: Me and my family would love to extend our greetings to Chunnie and also to Chun my your family be blessed w/ happiness!
Zhi Shu: Chunnie! uncle zhi Shu auntie Xiang qin and the twins would like to say be a good boy to mommy and daddy always obey them
Yu Shu: yoh! little nephew! you always make my day every happy so as my girlfriend so my wish is just stay as sweet as you are ok!
Mama: When Chunnie came to our lives it feels like me and papa had already a grandson... Ella made Chunnie such a very good boy now that your a big boy pretty granny will always be here for you! to Chun.. you've been w/ Zhi Shu for the past years since childhood still so handsome.. Chun work hard on that second baby your son wanted ok!
Ah Bu: last a message form Chunnie's parents
Chun: you know daddy's life only revolves w/ mommy but now your here I guess my life also now revolves w/ you happy birthday to us and daddy will always be here for you! love you Chunnie!(hugs his dearest son)
Ella: when Chunnie came into my life i felt that I have to move on, I have to be strong it was hard imagine 3hrs at labor.. Chunnie your the reason why mommy is here you become our bridge if there is a most precious gift to be given to me is that you and your daddy is that gift! I really love you your always be my little Wu Zhun always remember mommy and daddy will always protect you!(tears rolled to her face as she hug her son)
Every one was so touched by Chunnie's parents wishes to their son, and thanking each and everyone for attending their son's birthday
(Background music Bao Bei Kuai Shui by:5566)
bao bei kuai shui
ming tian zai jian
bie zhang kai yan
hu gu po hui lai shen bian
bao bei kuai shui
wo men ming tian zai jian
dang zheng kai yan
shi jie hui bian de xin xian
* ni shi wo jin sheng de yi qie
er wo hui ai ni dao yong yuan
ni you zhe tian shi de shuang yan
que diao xia shui jing ban de lei
shi shei rang ni hai pa nan guo shang bei
er wu fa ru shui
ni wang le tian shi de xiao lian
hai you wo xu guo de xin yuan
wo hui pei ni chuan guo feng yu hei ye
qu xun zhao qing tian
My Love /
bao bei kuai shui
ming tian zai jian
bie zhang kai yan
hu gu po hui lai shen bian
bao bei kuai shui
wo men ming tian zai jian
dang zheng kai yan
shi jie shi na me xin xian
(Repeat *)
bao bei kuai shui
ming tian zai jian
Soon the party ended as happy as the birthday boy Chunnie.

Short but in was touching... Chunnie is such a very good boy wish Ella and Chun could have that Chunnie in real life.


Tomorrow morning Chunnie went inside his parents room crying...

Ella: Oh! why are you crying?(carry her son)
Chunnie: mommy and daddy will leave Chunnie alone..wwhhaaahhh!!!
Chun: What's wrong here?
Chunnie: Daddy why must go! why must Chunnie be alone?
Chun: come here I tell you why!(looked at his son then to Ella then to his son and whispered to Chunnie)You like that!
Chunnie: Oh! ok! jai you daddy!!
Chun: That's my big boy!(patted his son's hair)
EllPOV: something fishy is going on here... Chun your telling stupid things to our son again(End of POV) Chunnie what ever daddy tells you it will not happen!
Chunnie: What did daddy tell me.. when? mommy your funny!
Ella:(raised her eyebrow) Forget it! you are the same as your daddy you little devil... Chun you finish packing?
Chun: Yup! come Chunnie you will going to send us off to the airport!
Chunnie: Ok!
Soon they arrive at the airport Ella was reminding Yu Shu sonce he accompany alway Chunnie to take care of him, Xiang Qin was crying and waving goodbye that makes Ella and Chun laugh mama told Ella something only the 2 of them will know soon they head off to their flight.. at class A flight Chun was thinking what did Zhi Shu's mom told to his wife and ask her
Chun: Ei! what did auntie told you?
Ella: Non of your business!(giggled)
Chun: Hao ah!! your being secretive now Ella!
Ella: I'm not!
Chun: Ni you!(you are)
Ella:(rest her head to Chun's shoulder) this will be just the two of us right!
Chun: Yes! only the 2 of us!
Soon they fall asleep in each others arms(how sweet)... soon they arrive at Grande Le Fluer Airport
Ella: Ah! velcome zu Pari!!(french accent)monna mi... monna mi!! yahoo!!
Chun:(just laugh at his wife) wow matmozelle very magnific la Pari ei!(french but still sounded horrible)
Ella: Ei! you speak french or bruneian?
Chun: Of course it's french!
Ella: Don't talk it sounds "oribble"(Horrible in french accent)
Chun: Alright! let's go now!
Ella:(riding at a taxi) wow sure is Paris so romantic right Chun!
Chun: Yup! very romantic!
Driver: E are you voth on oneymun missuer and madame!(french)
Chun: Yup we are on honeymoon!
Driver: Ah I zhought zo! many couple olwyz spend di'r oneymun here in Pari!(french again)
Chun: We are here honey wake up!.. ah mercy!(thank you in french)
Ella:(inside their room) wow!!(jump on the bed) it is so soft I think i might be able to sleep.. Chun come here!
Chun: Why are we going to start now?
Ella: No silly I just want you to be here at my side!
Chun: Oh!(sit beside her) So where do we start our first journey?
Ella: Dinner!
Chun: Dinner!
Ella: I'm hungry! hehehe!!
Chun: Oh! well I go ask for 2 dinner meals you stay here ok!
Ella: Honey I'll be staying here take you time!

This part will be little naughty... I mean for Ella!

When Chun get back w/ a waiter bring their food Ella was inside the shower room planning her little naughtiness
Chun: Honey! dinner is ready!
Ella:OH! I'LL BE THERE WAIT!!(went outside) wow what a nice dinner!
Chun: Why you change your dress?
Ella: To be relax! why?
Chun: Nothing!(started to blush while wondering what is inside Ella's robe now)
Ella: Let's eat!
Chun: Hold on! I will play some music to make the ambiance good!
("Ni" by Ariel Lin)
Feng qing qing
Wo ting jian ni sheng yin
Ni dui zhe wo ding ling
Yao zhu yi zi ji de xin qing
Yu qing qing
Wo ting jian ni sheng yin
Ni na zhe san kao jin
Wei wo zhe zhe feng dang zhe yu
Yi dian dian xiang ku qi yi
Dian dian xiang zhe ni
Ni de ai hen zhen xi
Wo zong yi lai zhe ni de ji yi
Ni jiu xiang feng zai shuo hua
Shun zhe wo fang xiang
Ni jiu xiang hai zhong de bo lang
Dui zhe wo cheng zhang
Wo ming bai ni de hui da
Wen rou de dui hua
Ai qing qi shi mei you ban fa
Bu bei gan dong ba
Ao bu shuo huang
Ella: (burst in laughter when she heard that song) Chun why that song?
Chun: I don't know this song is quite seductive!
Ella: Hahahaha!!!
Chun: Wanna dance?
Ella: Sure!
Chun:(dancing) this is the life just you and me and the radio!
Ella:(laugh again) you funny!
Chun: How about if we start now?!
Ella: hmpf!(raise her eyebrow) then make your move!
Chun gave Ella a very passionate deep kiss and hug her so tight.. as the scene goes by Ella started to unbutton Chun's polo she really like having this kind of warmness w/ her husband, as Chun continue to kiss her, from her tender sexy beef burger lips(ahahaha.. this will be abit intimate)to her button like nose down to her neck and now taking off her robe little by little and now kissing her shoulder until he laid her on the bed gently and undress her. When Ella felt abit cold she pulled Chun down to her to feel warm(wooo this is getting hotter and hotter) Chun also loves to have this tender night w/ his one and only wife
Chun: Fee abit cold?
Ella: neh! your body is enough to protect me from getting cold.. honey your body is still warm as before we have Chunnie and during our first night back in the house!
Chun: And your body still making me go wild even if you already have Chunnie your still hot!
Ella: So you'll give me now that gentleness you said to me?
Chun: No guts no Glory!!(hahahaha I'm really on a good mood making this hahahaha)
Ella:(kiss him) I love you again Chun!
Chun: And I..(before he could finish his words someone knock on the door)
:House Keeping!!
Chun: Ah yoh why must disturb this night!(put his robe back and open the door) Yes?
:house keeping!
Chun: Ok!
After that..
Chun: Let's continue!
:Knock knock room service!
Ella: I'll get it!.. some people just aren't so nice!(puts her robe and open the door) What?
:Juz azk if you like some free zamples of cherry?
Ella: No! mercy!(closed the door)
:house keeping!
Chun: We don't want house keeping!(yelled) geez why must ruined this night you wanna continue it tomorrow?
Ella: I'm not tired!
Chun: Oh! yes my wife isn't tired good!(turned off the light)
Somewhere not far away from their room
Xiao Chun: hold on!(worrying)
Han Bao: HOLD ON HOLD ON... HONEY I CAN'T HOLD ON I'M GOING TO GAVE BIRTH.. AAARRGGHHH(this is Xiao Chun and Han Bao from Fahrenheit and S.H.E. if you already read Test of Love by QiaoKeLi this will be the advance part)
Xiao Chun: just take a little bit longer I'll ask the manager to find a doctor in the house!
Han Bao: HURRY!! EEERRRGGHHH!!!(growling in pain)
Xiao Chun:(lobby) is their any doctor staying here my wife is going to gave birth!
: Their zi a doctor here across zi room at 225(Chun and Ella's room) zat zi doctor's room
Xiao Chun:oh thank you, mercy missuer!(french accent, and went to room 225)open the door please... missuer... open the door zi pu plea... open the door!!
Chun:(turn the lights on) wha!!
Ella: Honey can you open the door I think it's a room service(sleepy)
Chun: At this hour!(sleepy)
Xiao Chun: Hurry!! open the door!!
Chun:(puts his robe and angrily opened the door) WHAT!!...huh?... you look like me?(nothing only adlib haha)
Xiao Chun:(shock) wow you look good man!(haha out of script)I mean are you a doctor?
Chun: Yup! what's wrong?
Xiao Chun: you see my wife is going to gave birth and she is laboring right now!!(nervous)
Ella: Honey what's wrong.. oh!
Xiao Chun:(adlib)Wow your so hot!..(hahaha)can you please help me!!
Ella: aren't you Xiao Chun from Fahrenheit?!
Xiao Chun: I am!
Ella: what's wrong?
Chun: Honey his wife is on laboring!
Ella: SHA MA!! Xiao Chun already had a wife!! your married but to whom? oh don't mean your married to Ah Sa??
Xiao Chun: PAI TUO! I didn't marry that girl! I don't like her... and the one that I marry is only Han Bao!
Ella: Oh.. ei what are you saying again your wife is on labour!!
Chun: Honey! can you ask if the hotel had some medical kits and when you come back go to room 219 and prepare a hot water to steril the medical kits ok!
Ella: Got it!
So Chun went to room 219 when he got there he saw that Han Bao is growling in pain..
Chun: can you carry her to the bathroom we will perform the delivery there please..
Xiao Chun: Alright!.. baby can you hold on for a minute he is a doctor ok! bear for it in a minute please!
Han Bao: I'll.. aarrgghh... I'll try...
Ella: Chun here is want you want!
Chun: Good! steril all of that and I need a clean cloth any clean cloth where I will put the baby and also a water a warm water to clean the baby!
Ella:(get all the things that Chun need) Here!
Chun: Mr. Goh hold your wife carefully I'll perform now... Mrs. Goh! just follow my instructions and everything will be alright hao bu hao!
Han Bao: Ye.. yes!!(totally in pain)
Chun: Ella assist Mrs. Goh and Mr. Goh!
Ella: Sure!
Chun: ok! the contractions are all here now breathe deeply... slow... ok here it goes... now push... push as far as you can...
Chun: alright I can see the head now it's coming out push a little more... oh here it is(the baby came out) It's a boy!
Xiao Chun: Whoah!! baby can you see are baby can you...
Han Bao: Yah I can see him!(exhuasted)
Ella: Gong Xi!!
After 30 mins they went back to their room
Ella:(lay on the bed) It's really great that my hubby is a doctor! hah! but seeing her growling in pain... I think Chunnie is enough!
Chun: What are you mumbling to yourself?(laid beside his wife)
Ella: Nothing!
Chun: Mrs. Wu your being so secretive now hah!
Ella: When was I secretive to you!
Chun:(raised his eyebrows) Your lying again hah!(started to tickle her)
Ella: Ah! Chun... no...hahahaha... stop... you know that I'm weak on this...hahahahaha!!!
Chun: Tell me what are you mumbling about.. hahahaha...
Ella: Why you....(get up w/ all her might to tickle him) gotcha... hahahaha(tickled him) now it's my turn... hahahaha!!
Chun: Stop it!.... wooo..
Ella: Ahh......
They ended up falling to bed, and the next part was them having fun together, tomorrow morning they went to Eiffel Tower to take some pictures and sight seeing..
Ella: "DAO MING SI.... WHERE ARE YOU NOW!!...(yelling)
Chun: Wei.. can you stop that! we are in Paris not in Spain!
Ella: Wo chi dao! just wanted to do that it's funny!
Chun: Come I'll take you some where!
Ella: Where?
Chun: Just follow me!(held his hand)
Ella: What's w/ holding your hand?
Chun: So you won't get lost, I'll hold your hand tight(smile)
Ella: Piggy back ride!
Chun: Ei your already a mother yet you want to have piggy back ride!
Ella: Then I won't come w/ you!
Chun: When suddenly you become like Xiang Qin?!
Ella: She's my cozin.. but I'm not that fool as her I just want to have a piggy back ride w/ my husband like we use to do in college!
Chun: Alright hop on(let her hop on his back) Honey have you gain weight? your abit heavy!
Ella: I'm not let's go now!
Chun and Ella ride a metro subway that will take them to Spain and the destination is Barcelona, Ella was surprise that her Chun took her to Spain, they went to a church(the church where Dao ming Si and San cai went)the lovely couples where very happy on their tour to Spain, soon they went back to Paris and had a very good time in there.

That was a long one, you know!!
**ruwee**: yah it's been a long since you last read this, I just update 3 chapters coz last saturday I didn't update coz I'm very tired but hope you like it!


After a half month staying in Paris Chun and Ella decided to came back, for the reason they have to finish the works they left, meanwhile in Taiwan 7:00 pm.

Mama: Di Di(little brother) why are you not sleep yet?
Chunnie: I want mommy and daddy back!(started to cry)
Mama: Oh! you really miss mommy and daddy come here(carry him) don't cry.. daddy and mommy will be back besides pretty granny, granpa, uncle Yu Shu and auntie Xiang Qin and Uncle Zhi Shu is here..
Papa: Mama why are you awake... oh why is Chunnie crying?
Chunnie: I want mommy and daddy back now!
Papa: Ah! don't cry mommy and daddy will be back very soon ok!
Chun:(open the door) Hey we are back!
Mama: Oh!.. Chun... Ella...
Ella: Hello!.. oh(saw her son crying) sweetie why are you crying?
Chunnie: mommy... daddy... your back!
Chun:(carry his son) of course we are back!
Ella: becoz we miss you so much that's why we want to go back here!
Papa: Why didn't you tell us to fetch you at the airport!
Ella: surprise surprise!!.. Chunnie come mommy and daddy misses you alot that's why your going to sleep w/ us hao bu hao!
Chunnie: Hao!
Tomorrow morning, Ella woke up and hurriedly went down stair while Chun was on the shower w/ Chunnie, she went to the kitchen sink and started to vomit, Mrs. Jiang immediately ask Ella what did she ate, but she said that nothing coz when she and Chun will about to leave Paris she didn't have an appetite.
Mama: have you had already your period?
Ella: No! after we got married my monthly period hasn't came, and when we are in Paris it didn't come maybe it's only delayed!
Mama: delayed...
Ella: Yup it's only delay....(stop and then think)....
Mama: Ella?... why you stop?
Ella: Bu hui ba...
Mama: why?
Ella: auntie I think I'm pregnant...
Mama: Hah!(shock).. wait I must call Chun now!
ZS/XQ: What's all the commotion?
Mama: Ella is pregnant again!
Xiang Qin: Really! oh Chunnie will be a big brother now!(very happy)
Zhi Shu: are you sure?
Ella: Yes! my period haven't visted after we got married and when we are in Paris it didn't visit at all!
Mama: Wait I must call Chun he will be surprise w/ this!
Ella: but to make sure I will go check Dr. Xu w/ this matter and...(vomit again)
Mama:(at Chun and Ella's room) Chun... come hurry!
Chun: What's wrong auntie!
Mama: Ella...
Chun: Ella! what's wrong w/ her?
Mama: just come... Chunnie let's go!
Chun:(going downstairs) auntie what's wrong w/ Ella!
Mama: just come and see....
Chun: Wha...(saw Ella on the sink vomitting) Ella!!
Zhi Shu:(whispered) Gong Xi papa!
Chun: Huh!
Chunnie: What's wrong w/ mommy?
Xiang Qin: Mommy is preggy your going to be a Ge ge now Chunnie!
Chun: Ella... your...
Ella: Yup! but I will go see Dr. Xu w/ this and have a check up!
Xiang Qin: Then let's go now... I'm going to be an auntie again hahahahaha!!!
The 4 of them went to the hospital Ella went to Dr. Xu to have a urine sample and she was accompanied by Zhi Shu, Xiang qin and of course Chun... after 30 mins Ella and Dr. Xu came out and..
Dr. Xu: Congratulations Dr. Wu your wife is 7weeks pregnant!
Chun:(his face was really in shock and couldn't paint the happiness he felt)
Xiang Qin: Well Chun what do you have to say?
Zhi Shu: I think he is in total shock!
Ella: Yah! here I go again w/ this Chu Shen Ru Hua(Mystical) curse again!
Dr. Xu: alright I should go back to my office congratulations again Dr. Wu!
Chun: Xie xie Dr. Xu...(change his gaze to Ella) honey how you feeling now!
Ella: Duh! I'm under again w/ your mystical spell!!!
Zhi Shu: Well we leave the 2 of you now we have a major operation to handle!
Xiang Qin: Ella! tell me what is your experience when you and Chun are in Paris ok during lunch time!
Ella: Oh! I will don't worry!
Chun: You wanna have some fresh air at the roof top?
Ella: Yup! let's go my wonderful "Merlin"
Chun: "Merlin"? I thought I'm King Arthur of Lancelot?!
Ella: Wei! King Arthur doesn't do any mystical things you know!
Chun: Oh but "Merlin" is old I'm not old!
Ella: Oh! ok then let's go xiao "Merlin"
Chun:(roof top, he was hugging Ella dearly) Chunnie will be so happy, I'm a father again!
Ella: Yup! I'm excited to hold this baby of ours to be!
Chun: I can finally go w/ you on the delivery room, then take care of that baby of ours, see that angel grow, stroll him/her at the park, carry him/her on my arms, cuddle, kiss...
Ella: hahahaha, your funny the baby hasn't been born, yet your building some silly things on your mind!
Chun: I didn't do that to Chunnie so I want to do that to our second baby!
Ella: Then you should be the one to pregnant to feel it from the start till the end!
Chun:(bent down and touches Ella's tummy and said) Bao bei... I'm your daddy, I'm really excited to have you come out soon ok! daddy can't wait to cuddle you on my arms(then he kissed Ella's tummy) daddy loves you so much!
Ella: wow bao bei isn't daddy so sweet! your not yet coming out but he is now showing us how much he loves us.. hahaha!!!
Chun: your already 7 weeks pregnant so that means your already 1 and a half month pregnant wow 8 months to go I'm going to be a father!
Ella: Chun! your already a father silly!
Chun: I know! but this is different coz I'll be able to see my second child! oh right what do you wanna name our child to be?
Ella: If it is a girl I like to name her Chenny or Chinnie, if it is a boy Ethan or Elijah is good! but I think Chunnie will decide to name his new baby sibling!
Chun: Chenny or Chinnie...hmpf...well Chunnie followed my name and then you still use it to name if it is a girl... you really love my name don't you!
Ella: Yup! your name is very unique than to any names, I will only name the baby if it is a girl but if it is a boy he should follow my name and I like it to be Ethan or Elijah coz it's very manly.

Chenny or Chinnie will be the names Ella choose if it is a girl.
Ethan or Elijah if it is a boy.


So ok?  Ella is now 7weeks pregnant, on this chapter it will be Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin's moment...

The twins were already 9 months old and can crawl, sit and laugh Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu made a very good job taking care of their twins, Joey and Jessie loves to play w/ their parents so Zhi Shu's mom ask Zhi Shu to take the twins to Xiang Qin's relatives but...

Xiang Qin: WO BU YAO!!!
Mama: Why? what's a matter?
Zhi Shu: I know! she's afraid that her relatives might scare the twins!
Xiang Qin: True!! my relatives are kinda weird, remember when Zhi Shu first visited my relatives they tok my husband as a tourist... what if the harass our children oohhh it's scary!!
Zhi Shu: But being w/ them is fun.. if you don't like how about take them to my relatives!
Xiang Qin: your re... rela... No! alright I let our kids visit my relatives(slight smile)
Mama: Then you should start packing and we will send you off today!
Zhi Shu: Good we will have a great time there! right Honey!
Xiang Qin: Yah!(weak smile) great time..(started to think) I don't know what will my relatives do but since it is a surprise visit they won't do anything weird that might scare our twins.. yes!! I should not think it's a surprise after all... hahahahahaha(laughing in thoughts but w/ actions)
Ella:Ei please don't laugh like that your giving me goose bumps...
Xiang Qin: Oh! cozin how you feeling today?
Ella: Little heavy! and irritated!
Xiang Qin: Where is your husband?
Chun: Right here!(wearing a banana mushroom costume)
ZS/XQ/Mama:(burst in laughter seeing Chun dress like that)
Zhi Shu: Why on earth you dress like that?
Chun: This Mrs. Wu wants me to put this on... she's being so weird, yesterday she ate a paste w/ mushroom topping, then we ordered a banana split ice cream and she only ate the banana, then we went to Happy house she ordered Ah Jin to cooked her "Buddha Jumps over the Wall"(a soup that contains shitakei mushroom, and ginseng that is good for people who had diabetes) I ask her why you eat that kind of food, I mean she is not diabetic.. haizz she's being weird now she force me to wear this!
Mama: Well that is what preggy woman like her consumtions you know beliefs!
Chun: But not this weird!
Zhi Shu: Then we must pack now coz papa will soon arrive and take us to Xiang Qin's relatives!
Ella: NI SHUO SHA MA? your going to... but why?
Chun: Why you shock! something wrong?
Ella: Well you see our both mom's relatives are kinda weird.. I remember when me Gian and Michelle first arrival in Taiwan Chunnie was only 1 yrs old the villigers their thought that Gian and Michelle are both actors and actress of Gong Zu Xiao Mei(Romantic Princess) so they've harrass them.. then while Chunnie was sleeping they took some snap shots to him Chunnie got irritated and fall to the bed!
Xiang Qin: Sha Ma! then how is Chunnie?
Ella: The doctor said he was fine, but then I notice that he is not normal coz usually Chunnie get's easily irritated w/ people surrounds him, he also don't have interest on books(story books) but when that happen he change!
Mama: So that means he became a little genius!
Ella: I don't know but I think so!
Soon Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin together w/ the twins went to Xiang Qin's relatives.. together w/ her papa(Ah Cai)
Xiang Qin: Pa are you sure that you didn't call or inform our relatives that we are coming?
Papa: Huh?
Xiang Qin: What do you mean "HUH?".... Pa.... don't tell me you informed them we are coming!!!
Papa: No! of course I didn't inform them that you Zhi Shu and the twins are coming I only informed them that I'm coming!!
Zhi Shu: (secretly smiling)
Xiang Qin: Papa!!! Ah yoh!!!...
Zhi Shu: Don't worry!!
Soon they arrive in their(Xiang Qin) town
Uncle: Welcome Ah Cai, Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu!!
Zhi Shu: Ni Hao!! hao jiu bu jian!!
Uncle: is this your child?
Zhi Shu: Yes!
Xiang Qin: Ei! how come that the noisy band aren't here?
Uncle: Well Ah Cai told me not to have a band to welcome him, then Zhi Shu's mom told me not to bring a band coz it might scare the twins!
Xiang Qin: Oh! that's good right Jessie!!
Uncle: let's go now!
Xiang Qin: Tei sha!!! did you bring that weird red truck?
Uncle: No! I rented a taxi come let's go!

Here is the continuation... finally....
that's the effect of X-Family..


Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin took the twins for a walk, Xiang Qin was very happy that her husband gave his full attention to her and to their twins.

Xiang Qin: Zhi Shu...
Zhi Shu: What?
Xiang Qin: uhm... xie xie!!
Zhi Shu: huh? why are you thanking me?
Xiang Qin: For giving your time to us! I'm really a blissful wife and Jessie and Joey are also blissful babies coz their daddy spend his time to them despite of being so busy as a doctor he never forget his responsibilities right Jessie and Joey!(the babies just smile)
Zhi Shu: You know what! having this kind of walking w/ you and w/ our twins feels so relaxing seeing our twins growing up w/ your guide and my moms help all my works stress was gone, I'm happy that God gave you to me and the twins also
Xiang Qin: really I'm a gift of God to you?
Zhi Shu: Yup!
Xiang Qin: Joey, Jessie.. daddy said your a gift for him and so as mommy hahahaha I'm a gift for my hubby(silly expression)
Zhi Shu: Mommy is very happy aren't she!(the twins just laugh)
They were so happy walking on the street when...
Villagers: ooohh their are some tourist!!(scream)
Teens: look an artist just visits us!(yelled)
Kids: there is a shooting!!(running)
Xiang Qin: huh!(hurridly carry Jessie) Zhi Shu!!
Zhi Shu:(carried Joey) just clam down!
Zhi Shu:(immediately grab Xiang Qin's hand) hush it will be ok trust me the twins will not get scared I'm here ok!
Xiang Qin: but....
Zhi Shu: Can you trust me?!
Xiang Qin: Hao! I'll gave my trust!
Zhi Shu: Good girl.. follow me!
Xiang Qin: huh?
Zhi Shu: Relax, I'll never let go your hand... remember they took us like tourist or something like an artist well then why don't we act like those artists on tv hao bu hao!
Xiang Qin: just like Joe Chen and Ariel Lin!
Zhi Shu: Yup! like them only we have our kids so let's go!
Xiang Qin: what are we going to do?
Zhi Shu: just walk w/ me if they will come to us to have picture taking them let them be, if they want autograph them lets gave them what they want!
Xiang Qin: Ok! Jessie mommy will hold you tight so you won't get scared ok!
Soon those villagers came to them asking for their autographs, taking pictures of them, Xiang Qin was abit nervous and she keeps on looking her calm husband so as the her twins but it seems that the twins likes being w/ people and never got irritated nor scared unlike Ella's child Chunnie who got irritated before so she just relax her self and followed her husband said... soon the villagers gone and they walk home peacefully
Ah Cai: Zhi Shu... Xiang Qin... your here ah where did you go?
Zhi Shu: we just toured the twins and went to village!
Uncle: Xiang Qin are you and Zhi Shu ok?
Ah Cai: Brother help me look if their are some bruises or call a doctor to see if the twins are ok!
ZS/XQ: Pa!... wei Pa it's ok!
Ah Cai: Huh?
Xiang Qin: It's ok nothing to worry we are fine the twins are also fine!
Ah Cai: Sha me? you mean they did not get scared?
Zhi Shu:(just nodded)
Ah Cai:(got faint)
Uncle: Ah Cai!!
That night as Xiang Qin tucked the twins her husband hug her from behind and said...
Zhi Shu: you a good girl see just listen to my words and you won't get wrong ok!
Xiang Qin: I'm lucky that your my husband, thanks for the instruction! oh right I almost forgot I wonder what is Ella doing right now?
Zhi Shu: I think she is fine Chun is w/ her so as mama and papa
Xiang Qin: But I'm kinda worried about her pregnancy!
Zhi Shu: She's fine, her IQ is higher than you so she know it!(smile)
Xiang Qin: Ah yoh!(then her phone rang) wei Xiang Qin here... HAH! HOW DID??
Zhi Shu: Something wrong?
Xiang Qin: Zhi Shu... it's Ella...(watery eyes)
Zhi Shu: What about her?
Xiang Qin: She..... she...
Zhi Shu: go on!(started to worry)
Xiang Qin: mama and papa rushed her to the hospital, they said that Ella slipped from the bathroom when she was taking Chunnie for a bathe..(started to cry)
Zhi Shu: is Chun there?... let me talk to mama... wei ma shi Zhi Shu what happen to Ella... is Chun there... NO.. WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO... have you called him... alright calm down ok! we will come back as soon as we can...
Xiang Qin: What now? how is she? where is Chun?
Zhi Shu: Chun went to Vietnam all pediatricians had a meeting, about Ella's conditon it hasn't been cleared nor known yet let us just pray that Ella won't have miscarriage and she and that baby will be fine.. we will be back their maybe tommorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Oh no! Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin's happy vacation might turn short coz Ella might have a miscarriage... Chun please go back now...


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